Monday, January 29, 2007

The Bayou Boys!!!

John Keith and Brandon Digilormo from Louisianna are here for the next few days. They came ready to work. They started their day off right were the Iowa group left off. On top of the first little house pouring concret beams. They seem to have adjusted well their new surroundings. After experiencing the Haitian tradition of Carnival and Ra Ra bands last night, I was not sure how they would handle it, but they are great. It has already been great getting to know them and seeing their visions of God in their lives. They are on fire for God. (Actually right now they probably feel that way phyically, as hot as it is here today.)

God Bless,


Wednesday, January 24, 2007



Day 1 Friday, January 19th

It’s so great to be heading back to the Hands and Feet Project. This time we have two returning veterans - Ken and Lynley and 8 H and F rookies - Bre, Jerry, Bob, Steven, Carrie, Ron, John and Bill. Our first day went very smoothly. All the flight connections were made and Drex was there to meet us at Port au Prince. We made it through customs quickly and were off to the small airport for our flight to Jacmel. We actually got to Cyvadier ahead of schedule in time for lunch and a chance to see Jo and our friends - Carlos, Otis, Anderson and Dee Dee. Plus we got to meet the newest addition to the project, Michelle. It was so amazing for us to see the work that has been done since last August. The two houses we worked on have the first stories completed and the septic tank hole is now about 10 ft. deep! After lunch we got to see the kids - several new ones since last August. Then we got to work moving cement blocks onto the roof of the 1st new house, hanging a newshelf and mounting light fixtures. Lynley, Bre and Bob had a chance to play with the neighbor kids including the famous Jonesy!

Day 2 Saturday, January 20th

We got up around 6:30 (Ron was up at 5) and had a great breakfast and headed out to work. Bre, Bill and John and Carrie went into Jacmel with Drex to get supplies while the rest of us moved more blocks and sand onto the roof of house #1. We couldn’t start laying block as Otis was home sick today. After we had everything moved we split up and mounted light fixtures, cut screen frames and sanded chairs. We were treated with an amazing Haitian lunch of goat, rice and beans, sweet potatoes and pikles. After lunch we headed to the beach for some time in the ocean! When we got back we worked on the chairs, painting and digging in a sewer line until it got dark. After supper, Drex taught some of us how to play Farkel - and we are addicted. He promised we will have a tournament before we leave.

Day 3 Sunday, January 21st

We slept in this morning and went to church with all the kids. It was a great experience to hear some familiar songs sung in Creole and see people worshiping Jesus in a different land. After church we had lunch and then went for a drive to the top of the mountain on the road to Port au Prince. It was a beautiful ride and we got to see a lot of interesting things - including a man in a shirt and tie leading a cow down the road. When we got back we went to eat at a local hotel and had a chance to see part of the Colts - Patriots game on satellite!

Day 4 Monday, January 22nd

Back to work today. Up early at 6:15 am. We had breakfast and headed outside. A few of us went up on the roof of house #1 and started laying block for the second story. Another crew worked on new tables and benches and yet another pair worked on screens for the houses. After lunch we continued with our tasks while Drex took Jerry and Bob to Jacmel for supplies. It was a very productive day as we were able to make and paint 3 tables and benches, 6 screens and laid 450 block. The walls are going up quickly! We even had a chance to kick the soccer ball around with Carlos and a big group of neighbors before supper. We had a guest over - a UN officer that is here from Jacksonville, FL. After supper we of course played Farkel.

Day 5 Tuesday, January 23rd

Up early again today to get to work before the sun starts to heat things up. We were treated with pancakes and bacon this morning. Of course it was Iowa bacon that we brought with us! To start the day off right we hauled 50 gallon of water up to the roof of house #1 with pails along with 300 cement blocks. We then split up and worked on more screens and also made a crib for a new baby that may be coming this week. We also worked on getting the rest of the sewer pipes laid to the infamous septic tank from the 2 houses. After lunch we helped lay some more block, painted and finished the crib. Bre got her hair braided by one of the nannies - what a slacker! After Anderson and Dee Dee left for school (they go to high school in the afternoon), we moved a bunch of sand to the roof to make mortar for the blocks. We also refilled the water barrels. Drex, Jo and Michelle also left to go into town on some business so we walked to the cove to swim and cool off. After supper we played games, read and had a chance to do some Bible study and talk about the week so far.

Day 6 Wednesday, January 24th

We had some great French toast this morning courtesy of Michelle and then headed to work. We started by moving another load of blocks to the roof and then went to continue our various tasks. More benches and tables were made and painted plus the new baby crib was finished including a new paint job by Steven and Bob. Ken and Drex spent some time working on the computer in the upstairs apartment and then went into town to drop some papers at the lawyers, buy some foam for a mattress for the crib and get ice. Then a group went to pick up a bunch of new handmade chairs for the kids which were brought back and sanded and painted. We were also treated to a great Haitian lunch including creole spam! You should try it - it is the new taste sensation that is sweeping the country. We also have house #1 ready to pour the support posts in the walls and the tops of the windows. We were thrilled to be able to welcome the newest addition to the Hands and Feet family when little Jean Jean arrived. He is a cute little 20 day old baby. You probably have already seen his picture on the home page. Tomorrow is our last day of work here for this week - it has flown by too quickly.

Day 7 Thursday, January 25th

Wow - the end of our time here is coming to an end. It seems like we were just heading to the airport to fly here and now we are preparing to leave. Our last day was spent finishing up projects we had been working on throughout the week. A little more painting and building and moving sand and water. Jerry got to help pour one of the support posts for the house walls and we moved about 50 wheelbarrow loads of dirt and rock. After lunch we went into Jacmel to take in the daily market. It is always quite the experience - especially for first timers. When we got back we started packing. Carrie and Steve walked to the beach and Lynley, Ken, Bre, Jerry and Michelle walked to the mountain. We decided to try and climb it and made it about two thirds of the way up. Jerry and Lynley made it the furthest. Next time we are going to the top! Tomorrow morning we leave at 6:15 for the airport. Thanks to everyone back home for your prayers and support. Thanks to Drex, Jo and Michelle for making us a part of the family for the week. Hands and Feet and Haiti are amazing. What we see and experience here will never leave our hearts and minds. Until we return our prayers will be with these kids, the kids soon to come and the people of Haiti. We’ll be back!

The Iowa Team

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


What a great Christmas! The entire family made the trip to Hands and Feet Project in Cyvadier, Haiti! David (our oldest son) and his wife, Libby, and their two kids (our adorable grand kids) Lauren and Lucas came from Kentucky. Our other son, Mark and his soon to be wife, Aegis Boyer, came from Franklin, Tennessee to help make the festivities special. Our daughter, Kelly, and her husband, Andrew Cochran came all the way from Huntington Beach, California to bring their special love to share with each of us. Not only did the Stuart family have a great time of fellowship with each other, we had the great priviledge of sharing the very first Christmas with the Hands and Feet kids, all 12 of them! What better way to celebrate the Lord’s Birth than with those you love? Thanks, for making this a Christmas to cherish for ever! Drex and Jo (Mom and Dad, Grandma Jo and “D” Daddy)

MICHIGAN GROUP December, 2006

Wow! It was a great experience to have the Michigan group visit the Hands and Feet Project. They dug in the now famous “hole”, painted and constructed. Steve Fair was their leader and did a great job preparing for the trip, getting everyone here and seeing that everything was done that needed to get done. They spent a considerable amount of time loving on the 12 kids that now live here! I received an email from Steve and he is already planning two more trips soon to Cyvadier. Thanks, Steve and your group for your hard work and love and support of Hands and Feet Project! Looking forward to seeing you all, soon! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Monday, January 8, 2007


Well, it’s official. Michelle Meece, a long time friend and worker with the mission has joined Hands and Feet Project as a full-time worker, teacher and administrator. Michelle will be working with groups, the daily workings of a growing orphanage and especially working with the spiritual education and schooling of our kids. Michelle has a missionary’s heart and love for the people of Haiti and we envision great things happening because of her teacher qualifications, dedication and involvement. We love you, Michelle, and look forward to a great time serving God together as co-workers.

Drex and Jo Stuart

Field Directors of Hands and Feet Project