Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oklahoma Group Is OK!

Andy and Christy McDonald brought in a fantastic group from Bethel Baptist Church, Norman, Oklahoma. The group also included Sarah Thomas, Mallory McGuire, Megan Stone, Casey Morgan, Lauren Phoenix, Jordan Brock, Joeseph Reynolds, Kim Burnes, Seth Patterson, Chase Dwiggins and Josh Long. This group painted the outside of the bottom two little houses, the wrought iron gates and rails, dug out the playground to make it safe for the kids to play,painted the steel playground equipment, dug a hole for shower drainage and many other things too many to mention! They loved the kids, helped Jo and Michelle with the depot and food programs! All in all they were busy from early morning to late evening. We even got to doctor Joeseph for a couple of days. It seems that he got kidney stones. With a fast call to Teresa(our PA friend) we started treating him with pain killer, antibiotics and a lot of water! Did I say a lot of water? The next day he had passed 3 stones and went home today feeling great! It was a lot cheaper doing it here than at home! A few of the group liked Haiti and HAF Project so much they are thinking about internships next summer and fall. Thanks for a great trip and your great love for the kids and the mission!
Drex, Jo, Larry and Michelle