Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hey everyone, we just wanted to stop by and say hi from Haiti. We hope that you all had a very Merry CHRISTmas. Here at the Hands and Feet Project, it was full of Christmas cheer, starting off the day with the first gift of new puppies. There are 5 in all. Photos to come later. Ths kids are all doing well and were very excited for all the gifts that were sent from Sponsors. Thank you for all of those. It was greatly appreciated. We were showered with gifts from our children presented to us though and very wonderful and thoughtful program that they worked on very hard. All though 2008 brought many surprises and challenges to the mission, God's work was still at hand. We remember Phil. 4:13. We can do all things through Christ who strengths us. We are sure that 2009 will be a blessed and joyful year. Thanks for all your prayers and support.


Larry and Michelle

Friday, August 22, 2008

Michigan Group arrives again

The Hands and Feet project was once again visited by the wonderful group from Michigan led by the none other than Steve Fair. We were all excited for the hard working groups that have visited and this group followed in the traditions of Michigan. They are such a loving group that shows the love of God. It was a fun week with all kinds of excitment. From "Snipe" hunting to taranchila hunting to Tropical storm Fay. We feel so sorry for the Michigan group, for they have yet to make it to or from Haiti without Plane problems, this time they had to sit in Port-au-Prince until 5:30p.m. on the day they were to leave, because of the storm. Through the help of the group, everyone was able to move into their new homes. Drex and Jo to their new apartment, Michelle to her new aparment, and Larry to his new apartment. There are a few prayer request: Drex and Jo are the States for a short visit. Our kids returning to school, Larry Jumper joining in, and the mission in general. Thanks for all of your prayers.

Michelle, Drex and Jo

Sunday, August 10, 2008


All the way from Washington State came a group that was ready for action! Kim, Jay, Lisa, Christine, Krysta, Kasilyn, Austin and Clayton built cabinets, painted trim, made screens, taught VBS each day, worked with the depot and food program. Did I not mention that they loved on all the kids everyday? Oh, one was a licensed massage therapist who can return anytime she wants!! You guys were special to us and we hope that all of you can return, soon!
Drex, Jo and Michelle


Well, after spending the last several trips digging toilets for HAF, the Iowa group didn't get a reprieve this year either! The system out front for the main house was needing repairs. So, they spent a lot of their time and energy digging a field bed for drainage. They also helped build some much needed playground equipment and painted the trim in the new apartment. The group consisted of Ken, Beth, Nancy, Sam, Lindly, Jordan and Steven. They also were joined by "old timers" Rebeka and Patti from California. Thanks for a great week of fellowship and work! See you next year!
Drex and Jo

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sand Diego Group Was Great!

Well, after flying the "Red Eye" from LA all night and arriving in Haiti the next morning the San Diego group was ready to go! And go they did! They loved on the kids with hearts of angels, they painted, stained, cleaned and organized. They were a great group that is welcome here anytime they choose to come back! The group was led by co-leaders Diane and Nathan. The rest of the group included David, Shon, Kellyn, Genisee and Teale. They were not upset when they had to all get in the truck for a crowded drive back to Port-Au-Prince. Michelle and Jo took them back and stayed for much needed shopping. Thanks guys, for a great week that was truly a great blessing to us and the kids! We look forward to next year. Passe bon anne (have a great year!) Drex, Jo and Michelle

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well! Another great group has come and gone! This group consisted of Jean, Ruth, Katie, Lori, Carissa, Matt and Vince from the Methodist Church, Mountain View, Arkansas, along with two "old timers", Lisa and Becky from Hall Street Baptist Church, Owensboro, Kentucky. They played hard with the kids and worked hard building beds, table and benches, scrubbing the outside of the main building,as well as doing a great VBS for the kids. They also thrilled the church on Sunday morning with two great specials. Vince, who has played music professionally for years, played a "mean" guitar with the group and the interludes he played were terrific. Thanks, guys, for a fantastic week and we hope you can visit us again next year!!! By the way Vince, you should know the table would hold you, you helped Matt and Drex build it!!
Drex, Jo and Michelle

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Little Angel In Heaven!

Jabez Matthew Pye was loved by everyone who ever knew him! I never saw anyone he didn't love. Jabez was part of Hands and Feet Project for many months. He first came when Danny and Leann Pye decided to go back to the states. They originally had him when he was born in Seguin. When they came back to take over Haitian Children's Home in Jacmel he was returned to them. We have remained close friends with the Pyes and followed his 3 years of life. Jabez became very ill Tuesday morning, June 17th and died in his mother's arms at the doctor's house. To you who didn't have the pleasure of knowing Jabez you missed one of life's greatest blessings! Jabez was a joyful baby and a joy to all who loved and knew him. Our prayers and thoughts are with the Pye family.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Franklin, Tennessee Group

Well, another great group from Franklin Christian Church Franklin, Tennessee has come and gone. Their group consisted of (L to R) Tyler, Amy, Mandy, Christy, Andy (youth minister and team leader) and his son, Caleb. (Christy and Caleb were first-timers) They worked hard and played hard with our kids, as well as the neighbors. They also provided us with another "Hands and Feet" wall. The old one was outdated (having only about 15 kid's prints on it). Today, with thirty six kids we needed to update the wall. It was a long and hot afternoon, but was well worth the effort. The photo is of Tyler and Andy painting yet another kid's foot and hand for the wall. The kids loved it! Well, some of the little ones were a little scared! Thanks to all you guys for another great trip, and hope to see you again next year!
Drex, Jo and Michelle

Monday, June 9, 2008

Russellville, Kentucky Group June 2008

Well, after a long, long day of flight cancellations the Russellville, Kentucky group finally arrived! The six came ready to love on the kids and do whatever was needed to help the Hands and Feet Project. They worked hard in the depot, with painting the new apartment and pouring the porch over the depot and office doors. Carol, Sue, Missy, Michelle, Billy and Darold have lived up to the reputation of this group's past. However, we have really missed Brent (their preacher). Brent came two years ago and did a fantastic job of preaching and teaching. If you or your church group would like to schedule a short-term trip to HAF why not write Joel Griffith, the info is on our web page. We all feel one of the highlights was Billy being baptized in the ocean with many of the kids looking on! PTL!
Drex and Jo Stuart

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Kids On The Block

Well, Michelle is in the states for a much needed break and we are back! She did an excellent job of "holding down the fort" while we were gone. Jo and I were back only a few days when we received a call from Teresa, our PA missionary friend. She told us about Isaac (3 years old)and Edmond (11 months old). Their mother died last week and the father is gone. They had no family to care for them, so we told her to bring them on. They have adjusted very well, and actually were not in bad shape, just hungry. We now have 36 kids and there are others we are talking to. We want to thank all of our friends, family and supporters that make this mission possible. May God bless you richly for your concern.

Drex and Jo

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just an update on our Family!

Hi everyone:

Just wanted to let everyone know what is going on around the grounds here at the Hands and Feet Project here in Haiti. Things are going quite well for the time being. The kids are growing like weeds. We currently have 34 kids in our family. All of them have such amazing stories. I would love to tell you all of them. I will share in a few.

First off, we added to our family in late March. Little Maudelet Douce joined our family. We were not sure at first if he was going to make it. He came to us from off a mountain top. His mother is dead and for like 6 months he only drunk rice water. He was so close to death that when we got him to the hospital the doctor said he was in stage 4 of Malnourshment and there are only 5 stages and the last stage is death. He had to have a blood transfusion that night or he would most likely die during the night. WELL today he is up and going. Wait did I mention little Maudelet is over a year old and weighted in at only 9 pounds. He is now crawling and talking so much.

As most of you know last May Rood and Roodly joined our family. As you know they were in the same boat as little Maudelet. WELLLLLLLLL in a years time, they have progressed so much. They are walking everywhere and they think they are the owners of our dog T-Bone. They are sooo funny. We have changed their names to Ti-Comic and Ti_comic junior. which translates. little comidian and little comidian junior. Rood was eating the other day and here comes Roodly and Rood just claps his hands and says NO. I thought we were going to fall on the floor in laughter. (this was his offical first word)

Georgina is our oldest little girl. She amazes me on a daily bases. She can have a complete conversation with you in English. She is doing so well in school. She loves to learn. Some times I have to remember she is one of the kids not ones of the adults. hee hee

WEll I could go on and on about all of our kids. But this would take sooo long.

As far as our grounds, things are coming along so well. The depot (storage) is up and running. the sick room, office, dining area, and apartment are coming along quit well. We had a group from PA here a couple of weeks ago and they worked soooo hard. They had a job of moving rocks from our new river bed. (The river bed that was formed from Tropical storm Noel.) They were such a great group.

I wish that all of you could come down and play with our kids and even do a little work if you want.

Please comtinue to pray for our mission, kids, and workers. Please pray for the country of Haiti also.

Take care;


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Please pray for Haiti...

Just wanted to let you know what has been going on in Haiti the past couple of days. The common people of Haiti are upset with the fact that food prices are going up and the people can not afford to continue buying food!! In turn they have take to the street to protest. You cannot get to and from [the capitol] Port au Prince. In turn the stores in Jacmel are running out of things. The power company is running out of fuel to provide us with power. Our generator decided to break the other day, too, so we are here without power at this point.

Please keep us in your prayers. Please pray that diesel can make it to Jacmel in the next day or two. Pray that we will have enough drinking water to get through. Pray for the people and the country of Haiti...

Monday, February 25, 2008

40 for 40...

In honor of Will & Mark's 40th Birthdays, we are launching the "$40 for 40 years" CHALLENGE!

Over the 50 days between their birthdays (02.25.08 - 04.14.08), we are asking you to save $40 to donate in their honor.

$40 in the U.S. can get you a week of Starbucks... in Haiti, it is two months' wages (for those that are lucky enough to find work).

$40 can be dinner for two in the U.S... or it can feed a family for four months in Haiti!

Please prayerfully consider skipping your morning coffee even once a week for the next month, or cooking Sunday dinner at home rather than dining out, and donate your extra $40 to the Hands & Feet Project in honor of two who have given so much to make it happen! [Note: You may donate any amount you wish, but we are issuing you a challenge to find that $1/year to honor these men by contributing to that which is most important to them.]

Click above for online donations or mail to:

"40 for 40"
c/o The Hands & Feet Project
PO Box 682105
Franklin, TN 37064

03/25/08 UPDATE:

The total amount raised thus far is $1480. With a goal of $5000 by 04/14, please continue to spread the word!!

04/08/08 UPDATE:

It's been 44 days, which means there are a mere SIX remaining to donate to the 40 for 40 Challenge!! [For more information, please click the above image.]

The total currently stands short of the $5,000 goal, so we've added a little something special!! While the birthday boys don't yet know about their birthdays being so-honored, if the challenge goal is met, EVERY PERSON WHO DONATES (ANY amount) will receive a SPECIAL "THANK YOU" from Mark & Will!!! Donate NOW and guarantee your chance at a personal surprise!!

I hope that many of you have been saving for the past 44 days so that we will be able to meet our goal to benefit the Project's 34 orphans!!

04/17/08 UPDATE:

The "40 for 40" deadline has come and gone, BUT... we are a mere $160 -- FOUR DONATIONS -- SHORT of our goal!! We have extended the deadline by ONE MORE DAY! All donations MUST be in by midnight Thursday. Will you be one of the four who make it possible for all those who have given to receive their special "Thank You"?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi from Michelle

I just wanted to stop and give you a short update on
what all is going on around here. Since I have been
back we have been in full swing. (Well, Drex and Jo
already were.) We have had non stop groups in which is
cool, because you get to meet so many different

Little Jean Jean turned 1 on Jan. 4th which just
doesn't seem right. I feel like we just got him
yesterday. Rood and Roodly are just amazing. I look at
them daily and am reminded of how special our God
truly is. Roodly is taking like four or five steps
every day and is going to be walking at any moment.
Roodly (in case you don't know was so close to death
when we got him) thinks that church is one big jam
session and you are suppose to sing the whole time.
Little Claire is picking up strength on a daily basis
and can actually climb the stairs by her self ( for
those of you that don't know her story, she was abused
and starved so badly she looked like an infant and is
really 3 1/2 years old). Christela thinks she is as
big as the other kids. She is only 6 months old, but
she is everywhere. I don't think that child has one
ounce of sadness in her, because she has a smile on
her face 24 hours a day.

I could go on and on about all of our kids, but you
probably don't have the time and I don't have the time
to write a book. hee hee

The weather is beautiful here this time of the year. I
wish you all could come and visit. You would fall in
love with everything. O.K. maybe not the huts, the
smells, the raw meat hanging up everywhere, and the
small children you see in need. Other than that you
would love it.
I thank God daily for giving me the opportunity to
serve Him in this way. I know this is where He truly
has put me for now.

Please take care and remember us in your prayer. Here
are a few things to pray about:
*Our children
*Our staff
*Drex and Jo Stuart (the other onsite missionaries)
*the children that need to be here that just have not
found us yet.
*Our other Missionary friends and the wonderful works
they are doing.
* A special little girl named Natelie.

Take care and May God Bless you;


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Haiti is Hawk Nelson's best friend.

Hey guys - we are here at HAF with Jason and Daniel from Hawk Nelson, Daniel's wife, Bonnie, and their manager Teresa. We got in on Saturday and took the 3 hour drive over the mountain from Port Au Prince to Jacmel yesterday afternoon. We've been huggin on babies, digging a new foundation for our next building, organizing supplies and clothes in the depot, and seeing as much of Haiti as we can fit in. Oh, and of course, playing Farkel with Drex!

We checked out the damage to our property and our neighbors property from Hurrican Noel - it's crazy. There's just rocks EVERYWHERE - even on the drive over here, parts of the roads were washed away as well as big boulders bigger than a truck blocking parts of the roads.

We just got a new baby the day before we arrived - on Friday. His name is Cadet (pronounced ca day) and he is 3 months old. He is TINY - probably about 7 pounds. But he's cute!

I'm sending a pic of me and Christela. She's perfect. Behind us is the new depot - soon it will have a second floor!

We are having an awesome time and the Hawk guys are loving it. We're taking tons of pics and videos to show you all.

I even think the Hawk guys are going to become Haitian. All of Haiti is Hawk Nelson's friend.

Hope to see you all down here soon!"