Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A time to be thankful!

Luca & Nadine enjoy their first Thanksgiving...

I know this is a couple of days late, but I hope you all had a great, feastful Thanksgiving. Actually I had a very nice Thanksgiving here in Haiti. Our kids even got a chance to experience the joy of all the food. I think they have decided that this is a holiday that needs to be adopted here in Haiti.

Everyone here is doing great. I just wish you all could come down and meet my family here in Haiti. I am so thankful for each and everyone of our little ones here. I am not sure they realize how thankful they are for getting a chance to live a life of comfort for Haiti, but hopefully one day they will thank our great and wonderful God for the way of life they were spared. I thank my God daily for the smiling faces of each one here, for I know they would have had a sad life else where.

I hope that you are able to enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend. Just remember us in your prayers. Especially little Claire to help her to keep getting stronger, for she is still so weak. But she is coming along so nicely. Can you say a little prayer for our little Nadine, her and her brother have been here for a little over a month now. We think she has a bit of depression going on, because she misses her mother. She is staring to come around, but it is just taking time. Pray for Drex and Jo who are returning next week. Pray that they will have a safe trip back into Haiti. Just continue to pray for our mission here that we can run it the best way God wants it to be ran.

In God's Time.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

WELCOME TO OUR NEW BLOG... Storm update(s)!!

We have officially transitioned over to our new website -- check it out! We were down for a few days, so here's our Project update, post-tropical storm Noel!


October 30th: DAY ONE

I am writing this at 4:40 in the morning on Oct. 30, 2007. I am only up because of Tropical Storm Noel. At around 3 a.m. our main worker (Odius) here at the Hands and Feet Project called to tell me he had a big problem. I ask what (thinking someone had died or he was hurt.) He informed me that his house was now flooded. I as like WHAT??? Only to open my front door to see a new Haitian river that had formed in our drive. (Not the normal water flow when it rains, MUCH bigger) I even have a log the size of what you would see men rolling on in my new river. Our barrier gate has been blown open from the force of the water. Odius came over, we decided it was time to move all the kids to the main house. I was afraid more water from the mountain would come and we would not be able to get to them. So do you know what it is like to wake 26 people from a dead sleep (Especially children) and have them walk in the rain to a new location and then try to get them all back to sleep?? It is virtually impossible. I am waiting patiently to see what the light of day brings.

I don't mean to scare anyone, we are fine here. We have food and electricity (from the genorator and inverter) and we are fine. I would just like for you guys to please pray for my neighbors because they do not have it as easy (if easy is what we have???) As I am writing this, I can hear some of our neighbors out talking and I can hear the cries of a pig. I hope all is well.

I just had to stop and think, there are 26 kids upstairs right now that have no fears of the storm. They are so lucky to. But I guess luck has nothing to do with it. I guess I should say they are in God's hands. He has plans for these little ones I feel, or they would be out in a hut scared of the water. I am glad I can be of help to children that had no hope and now have the light of God.

PLEASE say a little prayer for those around us.

In His Time;

P.S. Hurricane Dean had nothing on us compared to this!!!!!!

October 31st: DAY TWO

Things around us are not in that good of shape. I never expected the storm to have such a devastating effect on our surroundings. In the photos you will see a massive amount of rocks. It looks like a dried up river bed. Before last night, there was nothing but trees and bushes (almost like a forrest) out there. It will take a year to clear all of that off I am sure. At this point, me and the kids are fine. (Thank God) The people around us are not so fortunate. At 3:30a.m. we had to wake all of our houses and have the kids come to the main house. We were not sure where the rock and water was going.

Please continue to pray for us. We have a lot of clean up.

November 1st: DAY THREE

Today held another day of storms here in Haiti. It truly has been devastating. The Hands and Feet Project's new river was raging again today for the second time. It was sooooo unbelievable to see. I was in total awe. We are fine here at the Hands and Feet project. I was able to venture out after the storm only to find people just sitting along the road side because their house's were either flooded or gone. I have been very thankful to my Missionary friends Danny and Leann Pye. Danny has made sure I have plenty of water and diesel for our generator, since I have not been able to get our truck down the lane. Please keep us and the people around here in your prayers. I talked to the American Embassy today and they informed me that we are in for three more days of rain. I have never in my life seen anything like this in my life. I have always heard of flash flood warnings at my house in the States, but they have NO idea what a flash flood is. I even had a Haitian minister friend tell me today that we could never describe the devastation to people in the US.

Again please keep us all in your prayers. Please do not worry about us here because right now we are fine.

November 2nd: DAY FOUR

It is Friday morning Nov. 2nd, 2007. Yesterday cleanup efforts were being made here at the Hands and Feet Project. I was surprised how Carlos had gotten the driveway looking and the gates area. I hired some of the neighborhood boys to help with moving rocks. Kids crack me up sometimes. Our kids were just itching to get out there and help and I thought, why not. So they had fun yesterday. We even took a hike up our new river bank. BUT this morning I woke up to it pouring down rain. I am sure our river will be returning. I am trying to get my video camera set so I can send out video of the raging river if it returns. Please continue to prayer for the people of Haiti in this area. Odius was telling me of a house in Caye Jacmel than just floated away yesterday. I guess it was something. Please continue to pray for us here at the children's village that we can continue to stay dry and safe. Plus, pink eye is going around and it is making it's rounds here to. I have it really bad, thank goodness it is finally clearing up.

In His Love;



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