Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The whole gang is here...

one big, happy family...

1st row [L-R]: Kevins, Luca, Richnieder, Claire, Nadine, Barbara, Junior, Gerlande, Jerdly (Edens), Rilinks (Nulu)

2nd row [L-R]: Tamara, Georgina, Ti Paul, Maudeline, Thaina, Marc, Lorgley, Merci Dieu, Sabrina, Roosvelt

3rd row [L-R]: (the Nannies) Dautha with Roodley, Lucy with Jean Jean, Edeline with Christela, Marielie with Melusa, Loudemyar with Giovani and Mackenly

4th row [L-R]: Jo with Rood, Michelle, Drex