Sunday, January 13, 2008

Haiti is Hawk Nelson's best friend.

Hey guys - we are here at HAF with Jason and Daniel from Hawk Nelson, Daniel's wife, Bonnie, and their manager Teresa. We got in on Saturday and took the 3 hour drive over the mountain from Port Au Prince to Jacmel yesterday afternoon. We've been huggin on babies, digging a new foundation for our next building, organizing supplies and clothes in the depot, and seeing as much of Haiti as we can fit in. Oh, and of course, playing Farkel with Drex!

We checked out the damage to our property and our neighbors property from Hurrican Noel - it's crazy. There's just rocks EVERYWHERE - even on the drive over here, parts of the roads were washed away as well as big boulders bigger than a truck blocking parts of the roads.

We just got a new baby the day before we arrived - on Friday. His name is Cadet (pronounced ca day) and he is 3 months old. He is TINY - probably about 7 pounds. But he's cute!

I'm sending a pic of me and Christela. She's perfect. Behind us is the new depot - soon it will have a second floor!

We are having an awesome time and the Hawk guys are loving it. We're taking tons of pics and videos to show you all.

I even think the Hawk guys are going to become Haitian. All of Haiti is Hawk Nelson's friend.

Hope to see you all down here soon!"