Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Christela’s First Party

Tonight we got a call from DJ (the American UN police officer that helped with Christela’s rescue) saying the UN was having a surprise going away party for him at UN headquarters. He leaves for the states tomorrow. He wanted to know if Christela could come. Of course, he said we were welcome to come with her! All the UN police came and went as many of them were on duty. We got to see the commander and all his officers and meet them. They all want to come by the mission and see the work we are doing for the needy kids of Haiti. Just a couple of weeks ago we got to meet the Sri Lanka forces that actually made the rescue. I feel we will be busy bringing her by the UN every couple of weeks. Also, Sther, a Haitian interpreter, was there. She was with us through out the process of getting Christela into our mission. Christela wore a green dress with lots of ruffles that DJ had just brought from the states a few days ago. We think she is going to like the party circuit!
Drex, Jo and Michelle

Sunday, July 29, 2007


IOWA GROUP 2 July 2007

As I write this the second Iowa group is on their way to Miami. They left Cyvadier about 4 hours ago. This group, which had Ken and Sam stay over from the first group, got to finish the famous septic hole, paint, build tables and benches for the dorms, paint the tables and benches, unload 1,700 blocks, then carry them to the new depot site, sift sand, carry dirt for the road to the depot, love on the kids, climb the mountain behind the mission, see us get two new kids (Mackenly and Relinks), love on the kids, and did I say, “Love on the kids!”. Ken, Sam, Beth, Lynn, Sarah, Sue and Emily, you guys are awesome and can return anytime you like! Thanks for all your love and help! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Monday, July 23, 2007


OWA GROUP 1 July, 2007

Well, they came and did it again! They spent almost the entire week digging another septic hole! Now, that’s dedication to the project and to the Kingdom! We hope they will return again, soon! Their replacement group just came today! Ken Burrows and his son, Sam, stayed on for the second week. The changes that have been made recently really amazed the “old timers”. Every group seems to have great memories of work that was accomplished while they were here. Hope all of you reading this can make a trip, love on our kids and truly get involved with the work of Hands and Feet Project!

Drex, Jo and Michelle

Thursday, July 12, 2007


California and Washington group

Just in time for a great 4th of July celebration at Hands and Feet Project! Two groups, Patti and Rebekah from California and Kim, Jay, John and Heather from Washington arrived to help build, paint, love on the kids and help with the church VBS. Rebekah and Patti had been here before, but for the Washington group it was their first visit. Kim, a teacher, had her class raise funds for the kids. We had been communicating with her for a long time and looking forward to when we could meet her. The group also got to experience two new children coming to the mission, Christela and Giovani. I believe it made a great impression on them as to why the mission is here. We hope this group gets to come back soon! Thanks so much, guys!!!! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Monday, July 9, 2007


Little Christela Belle, the miracle baby!

It was 10:45 Am Sunday, July 8th. I was just settling in for the rest of our worship service when the cell phone rang. I was shocked because I have never recieved a call at church before. It was DJ, a UN policeman from the states, and a close friend of Hands and Feet Project. His words were, “Drex, I need your help. A young mother has given birth to a baby and tossed it down a 28 feet deep toilet. We have removed the baby but need a doctor badly.” This began an all day ordeal ending with us at the hospital where Rood and Roodly spent several days. The little infant was cleaned up and the Doctor wanted to keep her in the hospital for 3 or 4 days just to observe her. Michelle and Kim stayed the first night. Michelle and Patti are staying tonight (7-9-2007) as I write this. We ended up spending the entire day Monday at the Jail, police station and the offices of the Justice of the Peace (really the Judge for the area). The young mother was brought in and was totally unconcerned about the baby or what she had done. The Justice of the Peace gave H and F Project full rights to the baby. She is now ours and will be released from the hospital Wednesday morning. A policeman from the station (no doubt a believer) gave us the first name for the baby. He said Christ must have been there for her. So The three words for Christ was there would be Christela. Her last name is in honor of Audio Adrenaline’s song “Beautiful”. This word translates “Belle”. Keep praying that we will always be here and ready to take children that no one wants or can take care of!! Don’t forget to pray for the mother, she certainly has a rough way to go and needs the Lord! Drex, Jo and Michelle