Friday, August 22, 2008

Michigan Group arrives again

The Hands and Feet project was once again visited by the wonderful group from Michigan led by the none other than Steve Fair. We were all excited for the hard working groups that have visited and this group followed in the traditions of Michigan. They are such a loving group that shows the love of God. It was a fun week with all kinds of excitment. From "Snipe" hunting to taranchila hunting to Tropical storm Fay. We feel so sorry for the Michigan group, for they have yet to make it to or from Haiti without Plane problems, this time they had to sit in Port-au-Prince until 5:30p.m. on the day they were to leave, because of the storm. Through the help of the group, everyone was able to move into their new homes. Drex and Jo to their new apartment, Michelle to her new aparment, and Larry to his new apartment. There are a few prayer request: Drex and Jo are the States for a short visit. Our kids returning to school, Larry Jumper joining in, and the mission in general. Thanks for all of your prayers.

Michelle, Drex and Jo

Sunday, August 10, 2008


All the way from Washington State came a group that was ready for action! Kim, Jay, Lisa, Christine, Krysta, Kasilyn, Austin and Clayton built cabinets, painted trim, made screens, taught VBS each day, worked with the depot and food program. Did I not mention that they loved on all the kids everyday? Oh, one was a licensed massage therapist who can return anytime she wants!! You guys were special to us and we hope that all of you can return, soon!
Drex, Jo and Michelle


Well, after spending the last several trips digging toilets for HAF, the Iowa group didn't get a reprieve this year either! The system out front for the main house was needing repairs. So, they spent a lot of their time and energy digging a field bed for drainage. They also helped build some much needed playground equipment and painted the trim in the new apartment. The group consisted of Ken, Beth, Nancy, Sam, Lindly, Jordan and Steven. They also were joined by "old timers" Rebeka and Patti from California. Thanks for a great week of fellowship and work! See you next year!
Drex and Jo