Thursday, June 28, 2007

Franklin Christian Church Group Of Franklin, Tennessee

7 teenagers and two adults just finished 8 days at the Hands and Feet Project in Cyvadier Haiti. They came from Tennessee to dig foundations, paint, move rocks and share with our kids as well as the neighborhood kids. This was the 3rd trip for the church youth group led by Andy Cox and Kris Cianci. There were 4 new comers in the group. They are already making plans for their next trip in 2008. Thanks for all your hard word, love and concern. Hope to see you all again! Michelle, Drex and Jo

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Owensboro, Kentucky Group

Lisa, Becky and Karen holding VBS for the H and F kids!

Michelle Meece taught grade school in Owensboro before deciding to come to Haiti full time. While at her school she met and taught with Lisa Tompkins. Lisa, after hearing about the Hands and Feet Project was determined to come for a short term visit. She was here a couple of weeks ago with her church friend, Becky Martin. They were a real blessing to our project. They worked hard everyday, even having a VBS for our kids. They brought in shirts from their church, Hall Street Baptist Church in Owensboro. We were also blessed in having Karen Phillip from Trinidad with us for 3 days. She is in Haiti working for Digicel (our cell phone company). She enjoyed her stay with us and is already making plans to come back. Thanks, ladies, for all your help, love and concern for the Haitian people and our kids. Drex, Jo and Michelle

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just A Note From Jo….June, 2007

We had a great time last week with our Michigan group headed by Bob and Steve. They had an awesome youth group with them… a few were “old timers” but most were here for the first time. They worked very hard with painting, cutting weeds, cleaning, moving, washing walls, making a “hands and feet” mural, and anything else they were asked to do. We observed all the interaction they had with our children. There was a lot of love, hugs, kisses, and playtime for each child. The children were thrilled to be so special. We had to make sure no babies were carried home with them in their luggage….especially Kelly’s! I know God has many wonderful and exciting things in store for you guys from Michigan. Come back real soon.
We have two new little girls who are sisters. They are Maudeline and Gerlande Charles ages 6 and 4. They were abandoned, abused, and in dire need of help. Now they are well cared for and loved. They are sweet and love to run and play with the other children…their new brothers and sisters.
Rood and Roodly are well and quickly growing. They are still small for their age, but, I think, will soon catch up with Jean Jean. Jean Jean is a fat rolly-polly right now and such a lover. He will melt your heart. In fact, all of our children, are precious and “heart melters.” We thank God for your prayers and support for these kids. They could not have this happy life without you.