Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, the best salsa may not come from New York but one of the best groups this year did! Tony Sidor and his wife, Kathy, brought a great group from New York. This group consisted of Mike, Lora, Andrea, Jim, Lisa, Hysha, Hallie, Mark, Kelly and Kathryn. They worked on the landscape out front and did a great job of getting the property to look like it did before the hurricanes last year. They installed cabinets (built by the Washington group) for the little houses. They built and installed shelves. They were busy every single day. They had a great time of working with the kids for another VBS (which they loved dearly). They were a great group that can certainly come back anytime! Thanks, guys, for a great week of work and a loving spirit that will be remembered for a long time to come!
Larry, Michell, Jo and Drex

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


What another great group from Washington! The group consisted of Kim, Deann, Billie Jo, Clayton, Crystal, Jay, Jordan, Josiah, Kasilyn and Lindsay. They worked very hard building new storage bins for all 4 of the little houses. They had a great VBS for all the kids. They moved more dirt to the front of the wall. They loved on all the kids. All in all they had a great week and the kids are still talking about it. All of the group are certainly welcome to return next year.
Larry, Michelle, Jo and Drex

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Well, we actually thought this group was given a reprieve from digging in the septic systems, but not so! It seems Larry found another digging project for the field bed for the new septic system for the kitchen and Drex and Jo's place. This group included Paul & Nancy, Kevin & Brenda. Nancy, Ken Burrow's sister, was the only one here before. They had a great week (but I'm not too happy about losing so many "Farkel" games)! They worked hard and played hard with all the kids. It was a great week for us too! You guys were awesome and can return any time you want!! Ken didn't come this time because of a mission trip to Africa. Ken, hope to see you guys next time, too!
Drex, Jo and Larry