Monday, February 25, 2008

40 for 40...

In honor of Will & Mark's 40th Birthdays, we are launching the "$40 for 40 years" CHALLENGE!

Over the 50 days between their birthdays (02.25.08 - 04.14.08), we are asking you to save $40 to donate in their honor.

$40 in the U.S. can get you a week of Starbucks... in Haiti, it is two months' wages (for those that are lucky enough to find work).

$40 can be dinner for two in the U.S... or it can feed a family for four months in Haiti!

Please prayerfully consider skipping your morning coffee even once a week for the next month, or cooking Sunday dinner at home rather than dining out, and donate your extra $40 to the Hands & Feet Project in honor of two who have given so much to make it happen! [Note: You may donate any amount you wish, but we are issuing you a challenge to find that $1/year to honor these men by contributing to that which is most important to them.]

Click above for online donations or mail to:

"40 for 40"
c/o The Hands & Feet Project
PO Box 682105
Franklin, TN 37064

03/25/08 UPDATE:

The total amount raised thus far is $1480. With a goal of $5000 by 04/14, please continue to spread the word!!

04/08/08 UPDATE:

It's been 44 days, which means there are a mere SIX remaining to donate to the 40 for 40 Challenge!! [For more information, please click the above image.]

The total currently stands short of the $5,000 goal, so we've added a little something special!! While the birthday boys don't yet know about their birthdays being so-honored, if the challenge goal is met, EVERY PERSON WHO DONATES (ANY amount) will receive a SPECIAL "THANK YOU" from Mark & Will!!! Donate NOW and guarantee your chance at a personal surprise!!

I hope that many of you have been saving for the past 44 days so that we will be able to meet our goal to benefit the Project's 34 orphans!!

04/17/08 UPDATE:

The "40 for 40" deadline has come and gone, BUT... we are a mere $160 -- FOUR DONATIONS -- SHORT of our goal!! We have extended the deadline by ONE MORE DAY! All donations MUST be in by midnight Thursday. Will you be one of the four who make it possible for all those who have given to receive their special "Thank You"?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hi from Michelle

I just wanted to stop and give you a short update on
what all is going on around here. Since I have been
back we have been in full swing. (Well, Drex and Jo
already were.) We have had non stop groups in which is
cool, because you get to meet so many different

Little Jean Jean turned 1 on Jan. 4th which just
doesn't seem right. I feel like we just got him
yesterday. Rood and Roodly are just amazing. I look at
them daily and am reminded of how special our God
truly is. Roodly is taking like four or five steps
every day and is going to be walking at any moment.
Roodly (in case you don't know was so close to death
when we got him) thinks that church is one big jam
session and you are suppose to sing the whole time.
Little Claire is picking up strength on a daily basis
and can actually climb the stairs by her self ( for
those of you that don't know her story, she was abused
and starved so badly she looked like an infant and is
really 3 1/2 years old). Christela thinks she is as
big as the other kids. She is only 6 months old, but
she is everywhere. I don't think that child has one
ounce of sadness in her, because she has a smile on
her face 24 hours a day.

I could go on and on about all of our kids, but you
probably don't have the time and I don't have the time
to write a book. hee hee

The weather is beautiful here this time of the year. I
wish you all could come and visit. You would fall in
love with everything. O.K. maybe not the huts, the
smells, the raw meat hanging up everywhere, and the
small children you see in need. Other than that you
would love it.
I thank God daily for giving me the opportunity to
serve Him in this way. I know this is where He truly
has put me for now.

Please take care and remember us in your prayer. Here
are a few things to pray about:
*Our children
*Our staff
*Drex and Jo Stuart (the other onsite missionaries)
*the children that need to be here that just have not
found us yet.
*Our other Missionary friends and the wonderful works
they are doing.
* A special little girl named Natelie.

Take care and May God Bless you;