Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The whole gang is here...

one big, happy family...

1st row [L-R]: Kevins, Luca, Richnieder, Claire, Nadine, Barbara, Junior, Gerlande, Jerdly (Edens), Rilinks (Nulu)

2nd row [L-R]: Tamara, Georgina, Ti Paul, Maudeline, Thaina, Marc, Lorgley, Merci Dieu, Sabrina, Roosvelt

3rd row [L-R]: (the Nannies) Dautha with Roodley, Lucy with Jean Jean, Edeline with Christela, Marielie with Melusa, Loudemyar with Giovani and Mackenly

4th row [L-R]: Jo with Rood, Michelle, Drex

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A time to be thankful!

Luca & Nadine enjoy their first Thanksgiving...

I know this is a couple of days late, but I hope you all had a great, feastful Thanksgiving. Actually I had a very nice Thanksgiving here in Haiti. Our kids even got a chance to experience the joy of all the food. I think they have decided that this is a holiday that needs to be adopted here in Haiti.

Everyone here is doing great. I just wish you all could come down and meet my family here in Haiti. I am so thankful for each and everyone of our little ones here. I am not sure they realize how thankful they are for getting a chance to live a life of comfort for Haiti, but hopefully one day they will thank our great and wonderful God for the way of life they were spared. I thank my God daily for the smiling faces of each one here, for I know they would have had a sad life else where.

I hope that you are able to enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend. Just remember us in your prayers. Especially little Claire to help her to keep getting stronger, for she is still so weak. But she is coming along so nicely. Can you say a little prayer for our little Nadine, her and her brother have been here for a little over a month now. We think she has a bit of depression going on, because she misses her mother. She is staring to come around, but it is just taking time. Pray for Drex and Jo who are returning next week. Pray that they will have a safe trip back into Haiti. Just continue to pray for our mission here that we can run it the best way God wants it to be ran.

In God's Time.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

WELCOME TO OUR NEW BLOG... Storm update(s)!!

We have officially transitioned over to our new website -- check it out! We were down for a few days, so here's our Project update, post-tropical storm Noel!


October 30th: DAY ONE

I am writing this at 4:40 in the morning on Oct. 30, 2007. I am only up because of Tropical Storm Noel. At around 3 a.m. our main worker (Odius) here at the Hands and Feet Project called to tell me he had a big problem. I ask what (thinking someone had died or he was hurt.) He informed me that his house was now flooded. I as like WHAT??? Only to open my front door to see a new Haitian river that had formed in our drive. (Not the normal water flow when it rains, MUCH bigger) I even have a log the size of what you would see men rolling on in my new river. Our barrier gate has been blown open from the force of the water. Odius came over, we decided it was time to move all the kids to the main house. I was afraid more water from the mountain would come and we would not be able to get to them. So do you know what it is like to wake 26 people from a dead sleep (Especially children) and have them walk in the rain to a new location and then try to get them all back to sleep?? It is virtually impossible. I am waiting patiently to see what the light of day brings.

I don't mean to scare anyone, we are fine here. We have food and electricity (from the genorator and inverter) and we are fine. I would just like for you guys to please pray for my neighbors because they do not have it as easy (if easy is what we have???) As I am writing this, I can hear some of our neighbors out talking and I can hear the cries of a pig. I hope all is well.

I just had to stop and think, there are 26 kids upstairs right now that have no fears of the storm. They are so lucky to. But I guess luck has nothing to do with it. I guess I should say they are in God's hands. He has plans for these little ones I feel, or they would be out in a hut scared of the water. I am glad I can be of help to children that had no hope and now have the light of God.

PLEASE say a little prayer for those around us.

In His Time;

P.S. Hurricane Dean had nothing on us compared to this!!!!!!

October 31st: DAY TWO

Things around us are not in that good of shape. I never expected the storm to have such a devastating effect on our surroundings. In the photos you will see a massive amount of rocks. It looks like a dried up river bed. Before last night, there was nothing but trees and bushes (almost like a forrest) out there. It will take a year to clear all of that off I am sure. At this point, me and the kids are fine. (Thank God) The people around us are not so fortunate. At 3:30a.m. we had to wake all of our houses and have the kids come to the main house. We were not sure where the rock and water was going.

Please continue to pray for us. We have a lot of clean up.

November 1st: DAY THREE

Today held another day of storms here in Haiti. It truly has been devastating. The Hands and Feet Project's new river was raging again today for the second time. It was sooooo unbelievable to see. I was in total awe. We are fine here at the Hands and Feet project. I was able to venture out after the storm only to find people just sitting along the road side because their house's were either flooded or gone. I have been very thankful to my Missionary friends Danny and Leann Pye. Danny has made sure I have plenty of water and diesel for our generator, since I have not been able to get our truck down the lane. Please keep us and the people around here in your prayers. I talked to the American Embassy today and they informed me that we are in for three more days of rain. I have never in my life seen anything like this in my life. I have always heard of flash flood warnings at my house in the States, but they have NO idea what a flash flood is. I even had a Haitian minister friend tell me today that we could never describe the devastation to people in the US.

Again please keep us all in your prayers. Please do not worry about us here because right now we are fine.

November 2nd: DAY FOUR

It is Friday morning Nov. 2nd, 2007. Yesterday cleanup efforts were being made here at the Hands and Feet Project. I was surprised how Carlos had gotten the driveway looking and the gates area. I hired some of the neighborhood boys to help with moving rocks. Kids crack me up sometimes. Our kids were just itching to get out there and help and I thought, why not. So they had fun yesterday. We even took a hike up our new river bank. BUT this morning I woke up to it pouring down rain. I am sure our river will be returning. I am trying to get my video camera set so I can send out video of the raging river if it returns. Please continue to prayer for the people of Haiti in this area. Odius was telling me of a house in Caye Jacmel than just floated away yesterday. I guess it was something. Please continue to pray for us here at the children's village that we can continue to stay dry and safe. Plus, pink eye is going around and it is making it's rounds here to. I have it really bad, thank goodness it is finally clearing up.

In His Love;



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*qualified donations must meet or exceed $10. All parties that have donated to this cause previously will be contacted via email.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Thaina Baltazar
Well, just before Jo and I take a little break and return to the states we had the joy of welcoming little Thaina Baltazar to our growing family. She is six years old and has already adjusted very well. She has no family as they were all swept away by flood waters from a hurricane that hit nearby. She was being kept by a neighbor woman that just couldn’t handle it any more. She is living in one of the new houses with a new nanny, Marielie Etienne. We now have 24 kids and 5 full time nannies. Contact Joel if you are interested in sponsoring little Thaina. Please be in prayer for Michelle as she will be by herself for a while.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


H and F Kids Head To School!

It was rather quiet as 13 of our kids headed off for their first day of school this year (perhaps not so quiet at school). That still left 10 for our nannies to watch. They attend a Christian school (Damou Christian Mission) next door which has about 900 kids this year. Damou Christian Mission is led by missionary Tina Isenhower, a long time friend of Drex, Jo and Michelle. We are glad to add 13 kids to their list. Your sponsorship of a child includes $300 US for that child to attend school. Check with Joel at Hands and Feet project for the children that as of yet have no sponsor. Pray for us as we look for a new nanny and more needy kids for our growing family. Drex, Jo and Michelle

Friday, August 31, 2007


August Michigan Group 2007

Well, Steve Fair brought in another group this year! This group of 12 was amazing in the work they got accomplished. They hauled sand, dug the foundation for the new kitchen/dining hall, built two complete bunk beds, loved on all the babies, and worshiped with us at the local church. Steve always brings in a great group, well organized and ready for whatever Haiti can dish out. We look forward to all of them visiting Hands and Feet Project again, soon! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Sunday, August 12, 2007


All the kids and Nannies!
We finally got all the kids and Nannies together for a photo first! Have you ever tried to get 23 kids looking their best and at the camera at one time?? We were having Marc and Giovani’s birthday parties when the idea for a group photo came about. You will just have to visit Hands and Feet Project to see how “adorable” our kids really are! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Wednesday, August 8, 2007



August 6th was another special day for Hands and Feet Project as Melusa (pronounced Melissa) joined our family here at Cyvadier. Melusa Rabel (about 8 months old) has no mother and her father deserted her when she was 3 months old. She spent the last 5 months in a hand to mouth situation with her aunt who is only 16 years old. The aunt just couldn’t take care of her any more. She was glad to be relieved of this chore and soon left for Port-Au-Prince to live with a friend. Melusa is adorable. After being treated for scabies she will start to regain some hair and color that was lost to malnutrition. She joins 4 others at about the same age. All of them are standing holding on to things. Pray for us and the nannys as all these little ones start to walk!!! This little girl is not yet sponsored. Contact Joel if you’d like to help. Drex, Jo and Michelle

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Christela’s First Party

Tonight we got a call from DJ (the American UN police officer that helped with Christela’s rescue) saying the UN was having a surprise going away party for him at UN headquarters. He leaves for the states tomorrow. He wanted to know if Christela could come. Of course, he said we were welcome to come with her! All the UN police came and went as many of them were on duty. We got to see the commander and all his officers and meet them. They all want to come by the mission and see the work we are doing for the needy kids of Haiti. Just a couple of weeks ago we got to meet the Sri Lanka forces that actually made the rescue. I feel we will be busy bringing her by the UN every couple of weeks. Also, Sther, a Haitian interpreter, was there. She was with us through out the process of getting Christela into our mission. Christela wore a green dress with lots of ruffles that DJ had just brought from the states a few days ago. We think she is going to like the party circuit!
Drex, Jo and Michelle

Sunday, July 29, 2007


IOWA GROUP 2 July 2007

As I write this the second Iowa group is on their way to Miami. They left Cyvadier about 4 hours ago. This group, which had Ken and Sam stay over from the first group, got to finish the famous septic hole, paint, build tables and benches for the dorms, paint the tables and benches, unload 1,700 blocks, then carry them to the new depot site, sift sand, carry dirt for the road to the depot, love on the kids, climb the mountain behind the mission, see us get two new kids (Mackenly and Relinks), love on the kids, and did I say, “Love on the kids!”. Ken, Sam, Beth, Lynn, Sarah, Sue and Emily, you guys are awesome and can return anytime you like! Thanks for all your love and help! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Monday, July 23, 2007


OWA GROUP 1 July, 2007

Well, they came and did it again! They spent almost the entire week digging another septic hole! Now, that’s dedication to the project and to the Kingdom! We hope they will return again, soon! Their replacement group just came today! Ken Burrows and his son, Sam, stayed on for the second week. The changes that have been made recently really amazed the “old timers”. Every group seems to have great memories of work that was accomplished while they were here. Hope all of you reading this can make a trip, love on our kids and truly get involved with the work of Hands and Feet Project!

Drex, Jo and Michelle

Thursday, July 12, 2007


California and Washington group

Just in time for a great 4th of July celebration at Hands and Feet Project! Two groups, Patti and Rebekah from California and Kim, Jay, John and Heather from Washington arrived to help build, paint, love on the kids and help with the church VBS. Rebekah and Patti had been here before, but for the Washington group it was their first visit. Kim, a teacher, had her class raise funds for the kids. We had been communicating with her for a long time and looking forward to when we could meet her. The group also got to experience two new children coming to the mission, Christela and Giovani. I believe it made a great impression on them as to why the mission is here. We hope this group gets to come back soon! Thanks so much, guys!!!! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Monday, July 9, 2007


Little Christela Belle, the miracle baby!

It was 10:45 Am Sunday, July 8th. I was just settling in for the rest of our worship service when the cell phone rang. I was shocked because I have never recieved a call at church before. It was DJ, a UN policeman from the states, and a close friend of Hands and Feet Project. His words were, “Drex, I need your help. A young mother has given birth to a baby and tossed it down a 28 feet deep toilet. We have removed the baby but need a doctor badly.” This began an all day ordeal ending with us at the hospital where Rood and Roodly spent several days. The little infant was cleaned up and the Doctor wanted to keep her in the hospital for 3 or 4 days just to observe her. Michelle and Kim stayed the first night. Michelle and Patti are staying tonight (7-9-2007) as I write this. We ended up spending the entire day Monday at the Jail, police station and the offices of the Justice of the Peace (really the Judge for the area). The young mother was brought in and was totally unconcerned about the baby or what she had done. The Justice of the Peace gave H and F Project full rights to the baby. She is now ours and will be released from the hospital Wednesday morning. A policeman from the station (no doubt a believer) gave us the first name for the baby. He said Christ must have been there for her. So The three words for Christ was there would be Christela. Her last name is in honor of Audio Adrenaline’s song “Beautiful”. This word translates “Belle”. Keep praying that we will always be here and ready to take children that no one wants or can take care of!! Don’t forget to pray for the mother, she certainly has a rough way to go and needs the Lord! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Franklin Christian Church Group Of Franklin, Tennessee

7 teenagers and two adults just finished 8 days at the Hands and Feet Project in Cyvadier Haiti. They came from Tennessee to dig foundations, paint, move rocks and share with our kids as well as the neighborhood kids. This was the 3rd trip for the church youth group led by Andy Cox and Kris Cianci. There were 4 new comers in the group. They are already making plans for their next trip in 2008. Thanks for all your hard word, love and concern. Hope to see you all again! Michelle, Drex and Jo

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Owensboro, Kentucky Group

Lisa, Becky and Karen holding VBS for the H and F kids!

Michelle Meece taught grade school in Owensboro before deciding to come to Haiti full time. While at her school she met and taught with Lisa Tompkins. Lisa, after hearing about the Hands and Feet Project was determined to come for a short term visit. She was here a couple of weeks ago with her church friend, Becky Martin. They were a real blessing to our project. They worked hard everyday, even having a VBS for our kids. They brought in shirts from their church, Hall Street Baptist Church in Owensboro. We were also blessed in having Karen Phillip from Trinidad with us for 3 days. She is in Haiti working for Digicel (our cell phone company). She enjoyed her stay with us and is already making plans to come back. Thanks, ladies, for all your help, love and concern for the Haitian people and our kids. Drex, Jo and Michelle

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just A Note From Jo….June, 2007

We had a great time last week with our Michigan group headed by Bob and Steve. They had an awesome youth group with them… a few were “old timers” but most were here for the first time. They worked very hard with painting, cutting weeds, cleaning, moving, washing walls, making a “hands and feet” mural, and anything else they were asked to do. We observed all the interaction they had with our children. There was a lot of love, hugs, kisses, and playtime for each child. The children were thrilled to be so special. We had to make sure no babies were carried home with them in their luggage….especially Kelly’s! I know God has many wonderful and exciting things in store for you guys from Michigan. Come back real soon.
We have two new little girls who are sisters. They are Maudeline and Gerlande Charles ages 6 and 4. They were abandoned, abused, and in dire need of help. Now they are well cared for and loved. They are sweet and love to run and play with the other children…their new brothers and sisters.
Rood and Roodly are well and quickly growing. They are still small for their age, but, I think, will soon catch up with Jean Jean. Jean Jean is a fat rolly-polly right now and such a lover. He will melt your heart. In fact, all of our children, are precious and “heart melters.” We thank God for your prayers and support for these kids. They could not have this happy life without you.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Addition to the Family!!!

Hi everybody. Just wanted to inform you on the things that are going on here at the Hands and Feet project. We have been very busy lately. Today we added to the family. Wood and Woodly joined the family. They are a set of twin boys from the mountains. Please keep them in your prayers, for they are very malnourished and need alot of attention right now. They are the cutest little things you have ever seen. They are three months old and weigh about 6 pounds each. (But I think 5 of it is in hair. hee hee) Please be praying for our staff as we are currently looking to add another nanny to help out with the babies.

The buildings project is coming along nicely too. We are almost done with adding the iron banisters to three of the homes. They are looking so good. Odius is such a wonderful craftsman. God has been looking out for us in that department.

Take care,


Friday, April 6, 2007

MOVING DAY April 6, 2007

Well, it finally happened! The first little house is occupied tonight with 5 giggly girls, a nanny who is a little concerned, and a 3 month old baby, Jean Jean. Although not a girl, we figure Jean Jean is young enough not to interrupt things too much! After the kitchen was completed, shelves hung and the famous “hole”, that has been dug over the past several months for a septic system, was capped off yesterday the time arrived. After returning to the main house for dinner the group headed back over for their first night’s stay! T-Bone, the mission dog, is evidently spending the night on the front porch, I can see him in the dim light from the house. Included are three photos showing the progress on the other houses, the girls in the bedroom and the new kitchen. I know as many of you view this you will recall your labor of love on various parts of the house! Without you it wouldn’t be possible. The second house is about a week or two from completion and the third house is ready for windows and tile. The 4th house will be ready before too long for the roof to be poured. Keep us in your prayers! We are getting ready to take some more kids, now that we have needed space. Also, keep us in your prayers that we can find another “Nanny” for the next house. God bless all of you, and hope to see all of you in Cyvadier!! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Thursday, April 5, 2007

A days work is never done!!!

Well, the girls are so excited to be moving out to the first home. Georgina even had the chance to help with biulding the shelves to hold her stuff. She was so excited to get the chance to run the sander over the shelves. She has already picked her spot in the bedroom and is excited for her first night in the house. There is more to come on the big move…………..

Monday, March 12, 2007

Just another day at the beach!!!!

So here we are at the beach another day. But wait we have Steve Fair with us. There seems to never be a moment that goes by were he is not thinking of something fun to do. As you can tell Steve is having a great time with the kids here at the Hands and Feet Project. The kids were having just as much fun!!!! Steve, John, Duane, and Scott (all from Michigan) leave first thing in the morning. They have have been a joy to get to know. Hopefully we will see them back down here soon. And maybe you to. From here at the Hand and Feet Project, have a great and wonderful day.

Michelle, Drex and Jo

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Michigan Group Finally Arrives!!!

So here we are anticipating the arrival of a group from Michigan led by Mr. Steve Fair. So we send Drex up to Port-au-Prince to meet the group. To his surprise, the plane never landed. So we are trying to locate the group. We finally realize the group had made it almost to Haiti when they had to turn around and return to Miami. So they enter another plane only to ask to exit it. Soooo, the group had to spend the night in Miami and Drex in Port-au-Prince. They finally made it to Cyvadier this morning all in one piece. Believe it or not, their bags made it down last night and Drex was able to ship them on down to Jacmel. Jo and I were able to pick them up and bring them back to unpack.

The 4 men were not here an hour or so when they started working. They are troopers alright. I would have been soooo tired. They are loading the blocks on the second home today and are going to begin laying the blocks tomorrow.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Prayer Request!

Please keep Odius (our main boss) in your prayers. He apperently has a nerve problem in his upper left leg. I had to take him to the hospital today. He was released with several medicines along with shots for the next several days. He was in so much pain, he was unable to walk. He is our right hand man when it comes to construction and everyday know hows. Drex has taught him well. He is to return to the doctor on Marh 7th.

Thank you,


Prayer Request!

Please keep Odius (our main boss) in your prayers. He apperently has a nerve problem in his upper left leg. I had to take him to the hospital today. He was released with several medicines along with shots for the next several days. He was in so much pain, he was unable to walk. He is our right hand man when it comes to construction and everyday know hows. Drex has taught him well. He is to return to the doctor on Marh 7th.

Thank you,


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!!

Dear friends,

I just had to share this photo with you all. Our these not the cutest little things you have ever seen??? If you haven’t met them in person, their personalities are even cuter. You just need to come and see for your selves how wonderful God’s little children are.

We did take a road trip to day to the airport in Jacmel. The kids have been wanting to see an Avion (airplane) So we showed up in time to see two different planes take off. The kids were so excited. It is so much fun to see the excitement on their faces at the little things that most of us take for granite. They all then told me they had their passports with them and they were ready for the next plane to take them to America.

Well I better go for now. Don’t sweat the small stuff, but enjoy the comforts that we have.

your friend,


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pouring of the Roof!

So I wake up this morning at exactly 5:30 wide eyed and bushy tailed. I sit and wonder why I would wake up so early and be wide awake??? Then I get the call. It is Odius (our big boss), Michelle come and open the gate we are here early to pour the roof. So I jump up to open the gate and there stands about 20 men ready for work. I wonder if men there in the States would be so on fire to work. It is amazing to watch these men work. I know that I would never be able to do what they do.

As far as the children here at the Hands and Feet Project, they are up and going as well this morning. We are so blessed by the smiles and hugs of each one of the kids. Little Jean Jean is growing so fast. The only problem we are having with him is that he is just so cute and everyone wants to claim him as their baby. It is so cute to see how the children have welcomed Little Jean Jean here. Roosevelt has just fallen in love with the baby. He actually got to feed him last night. I think it really made his day. God bless you all. Please continue to pray for our kids, the mission, the missionaries, and their families.

God Bless,


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nashville Medical Team

Bonjour everyone,

Yesterday, Feb 9, 2007 I had the opportunity to host a small medical team from Nashville TN, Lynn Blair-Anton, Greg Anton, and Amy Cox. They were only here for the day. They had the chance to give our kids a check up and even see a couple of neighbors. They were a great group to have here. The only down fall was that they were only able to stay for the day. So we tryed to get as much stuff packed into one day. Hopefully they will be back. The only down fall of having this medical team here right now is that our kids are all healthy (thanks to the care of our P.A. friend Teresa and our great care from our Nannies.) But hey what would one want healthy or sick?? I would take healthy anyday!!!

Everyone and everything here at the Hands and Feet Project seems to be going well. The children are thriving so well. “My” new baby Jean Jean is growing so fast. He is actually starting to smile. (It’s because he loves me so much.) Or it might be because he likes to trick you into thinking he is done filling his diaper!!!! Yuck!!

The second story of the house is coming along really well. Odius and the other workers will be pouring the roof within the week. It is exciting to see the work that God has laid before us and the finished product at hand. What a great and wonderful God we serve.

Until tomorrow,


Monday, January 29, 2007

The Bayou Boys!!!

John Keith and Brandon Digilormo from Louisianna are here for the next few days. They came ready to work. They started their day off right were the Iowa group left off. On top of the first little house pouring concret beams. They seem to have adjusted well their new surroundings. After experiencing the Haitian tradition of Carnival and Ra Ra bands last night, I was not sure how they would handle it, but they are great. It has already been great getting to know them and seeing their visions of God in their lives. They are on fire for God. (Actually right now they probably feel that way phyically, as hot as it is here today.)

God Bless,


Wednesday, January 24, 2007



Day 1 Friday, January 19th

It’s so great to be heading back to the Hands and Feet Project. This time we have two returning veterans - Ken and Lynley and 8 H and F rookies - Bre, Jerry, Bob, Steven, Carrie, Ron, John and Bill. Our first day went very smoothly. All the flight connections were made and Drex was there to meet us at Port au Prince. We made it through customs quickly and were off to the small airport for our flight to Jacmel. We actually got to Cyvadier ahead of schedule in time for lunch and a chance to see Jo and our friends - Carlos, Otis, Anderson and Dee Dee. Plus we got to meet the newest addition to the project, Michelle. It was so amazing for us to see the work that has been done since last August. The two houses we worked on have the first stories completed and the septic tank hole is now about 10 ft. deep! After lunch we got to see the kids - several new ones since last August. Then we got to work moving cement blocks onto the roof of the 1st new house, hanging a newshelf and mounting light fixtures. Lynley, Bre and Bob had a chance to play with the neighbor kids including the famous Jonesy!

Day 2 Saturday, January 20th

We got up around 6:30 (Ron was up at 5) and had a great breakfast and headed out to work. Bre, Bill and John and Carrie went into Jacmel with Drex to get supplies while the rest of us moved more blocks and sand onto the roof of house #1. We couldn’t start laying block as Otis was home sick today. After we had everything moved we split up and mounted light fixtures, cut screen frames and sanded chairs. We were treated with an amazing Haitian lunch of goat, rice and beans, sweet potatoes and pikles. After lunch we headed to the beach for some time in the ocean! When we got back we worked on the chairs, painting and digging in a sewer line until it got dark. After supper, Drex taught some of us how to play Farkel - and we are addicted. He promised we will have a tournament before we leave.

Day 3 Sunday, January 21st

We slept in this morning and went to church with all the kids. It was a great experience to hear some familiar songs sung in Creole and see people worshiping Jesus in a different land. After church we had lunch and then went for a drive to the top of the mountain on the road to Port au Prince. It was a beautiful ride and we got to see a lot of interesting things - including a man in a shirt and tie leading a cow down the road. When we got back we went to eat at a local hotel and had a chance to see part of the Colts - Patriots game on satellite!

Day 4 Monday, January 22nd

Back to work today. Up early at 6:15 am. We had breakfast and headed outside. A few of us went up on the roof of house #1 and started laying block for the second story. Another crew worked on new tables and benches and yet another pair worked on screens for the houses. After lunch we continued with our tasks while Drex took Jerry and Bob to Jacmel for supplies. It was a very productive day as we were able to make and paint 3 tables and benches, 6 screens and laid 450 block. The walls are going up quickly! We even had a chance to kick the soccer ball around with Carlos and a big group of neighbors before supper. We had a guest over - a UN officer that is here from Jacksonville, FL. After supper we of course played Farkel.

Day 5 Tuesday, January 23rd

Up early again today to get to work before the sun starts to heat things up. We were treated with pancakes and bacon this morning. Of course it was Iowa bacon that we brought with us! To start the day off right we hauled 50 gallon of water up to the roof of house #1 with pails along with 300 cement blocks. We then split up and worked on more screens and also made a crib for a new baby that may be coming this week. We also worked on getting the rest of the sewer pipes laid to the infamous septic tank from the 2 houses. After lunch we helped lay some more block, painted and finished the crib. Bre got her hair braided by one of the nannies - what a slacker! After Anderson and Dee Dee left for school (they go to high school in the afternoon), we moved a bunch of sand to the roof to make mortar for the blocks. We also refilled the water barrels. Drex, Jo and Michelle also left to go into town on some business so we walked to the cove to swim and cool off. After supper we played games, read and had a chance to do some Bible study and talk about the week so far.

Day 6 Wednesday, January 24th

We had some great French toast this morning courtesy of Michelle and then headed to work. We started by moving another load of blocks to the roof and then went to continue our various tasks. More benches and tables were made and painted plus the new baby crib was finished including a new paint job by Steven and Bob. Ken and Drex spent some time working on the computer in the upstairs apartment and then went into town to drop some papers at the lawyers, buy some foam for a mattress for the crib and get ice. Then a group went to pick up a bunch of new handmade chairs for the kids which were brought back and sanded and painted. We were also treated to a great Haitian lunch including creole spam! You should try it - it is the new taste sensation that is sweeping the country. We also have house #1 ready to pour the support posts in the walls and the tops of the windows. We were thrilled to be able to welcome the newest addition to the Hands and Feet family when little Jean Jean arrived. He is a cute little 20 day old baby. You probably have already seen his picture on the home page. Tomorrow is our last day of work here for this week - it has flown by too quickly.

Day 7 Thursday, January 25th

Wow - the end of our time here is coming to an end. It seems like we were just heading to the airport to fly here and now we are preparing to leave. Our last day was spent finishing up projects we had been working on throughout the week. A little more painting and building and moving sand and water. Jerry got to help pour one of the support posts for the house walls and we moved about 50 wheelbarrow loads of dirt and rock. After lunch we went into Jacmel to take in the daily market. It is always quite the experience - especially for first timers. When we got back we started packing. Carrie and Steve walked to the beach and Lynley, Ken, Bre, Jerry and Michelle walked to the mountain. We decided to try and climb it and made it about two thirds of the way up. Jerry and Lynley made it the furthest. Next time we are going to the top! Tomorrow morning we leave at 6:15 for the airport. Thanks to everyone back home for your prayers and support. Thanks to Drex, Jo and Michelle for making us a part of the family for the week. Hands and Feet and Haiti are amazing. What we see and experience here will never leave our hearts and minds. Until we return our prayers will be with these kids, the kids soon to come and the people of Haiti. We’ll be back!

The Iowa Team

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


What a great Christmas! The entire family made the trip to Hands and Feet Project in Cyvadier, Haiti! David (our oldest son) and his wife, Libby, and their two kids (our adorable grand kids) Lauren and Lucas came from Kentucky. Our other son, Mark and his soon to be wife, Aegis Boyer, came from Franklin, Tennessee to help make the festivities special. Our daughter, Kelly, and her husband, Andrew Cochran came all the way from Huntington Beach, California to bring their special love to share with each of us. Not only did the Stuart family have a great time of fellowship with each other, we had the great priviledge of sharing the very first Christmas with the Hands and Feet kids, all 12 of them! What better way to celebrate the Lord’s Birth than with those you love? Thanks, for making this a Christmas to cherish for ever! Drex and Jo (Mom and Dad, Grandma Jo and “D” Daddy)

MICHIGAN GROUP December, 2006

Wow! It was a great experience to have the Michigan group visit the Hands and Feet Project. They dug in the now famous “hole”, painted and constructed. Steve Fair was their leader and did a great job preparing for the trip, getting everyone here and seeing that everything was done that needed to get done. They spent a considerable amount of time loving on the 12 kids that now live here! I received an email from Steve and he is already planning two more trips soon to Cyvadier. Thanks, Steve and your group for your hard work and love and support of Hands and Feet Project! Looking forward to seeing you all, soon! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Monday, January 8, 2007


Well, it’s official. Michelle Meece, a long time friend and worker with the mission has joined Hands and Feet Project as a full-time worker, teacher and administrator. Michelle will be working with groups, the daily workings of a growing orphanage and especially working with the spiritual education and schooling of our kids. Michelle has a missionary’s heart and love for the people of Haiti and we envision great things happening because of her teacher qualifications, dedication and involvement. We love you, Michelle, and look forward to a great time serving God together as co-workers.

Drex and Jo Stuart

Field Directors of Hands and Feet Project