Friday, April 6, 2007

MOVING DAY April 6, 2007

Well, it finally happened! The first little house is occupied tonight with 5 giggly girls, a nanny who is a little concerned, and a 3 month old baby, Jean Jean. Although not a girl, we figure Jean Jean is young enough not to interrupt things too much! After the kitchen was completed, shelves hung and the famous “hole”, that has been dug over the past several months for a septic system, was capped off yesterday the time arrived. After returning to the main house for dinner the group headed back over for their first night’s stay! T-Bone, the mission dog, is evidently spending the night on the front porch, I can see him in the dim light from the house. Included are three photos showing the progress on the other houses, the girls in the bedroom and the new kitchen. I know as many of you view this you will recall your labor of love on various parts of the house! Without you it wouldn’t be possible. The second house is about a week or two from completion and the third house is ready for windows and tile. The 4th house will be ready before too long for the roof to be poured. Keep us in your prayers! We are getting ready to take some more kids, now that we have needed space. Also, keep us in your prayers that we can find another “Nanny” for the next house. God bless all of you, and hope to see all of you in Cyvadier!! Drex, Jo and Michelle

Thursday, April 5, 2007

A days work is never done!!!

Well, the girls are so excited to be moving out to the first home. Georgina even had the chance to help with biulding the shelves to hold her stuff. She was so excited to get the chance to run the sander over the shelves. She has already picked her spot in the bedroom and is excited for her first night in the house. There is more to come on the big move…………..