Saturday, October 28, 2006

A New Addition to the Family

I just wanted to share with everyone the newest addition to the Hands & Feet Project family. Her name is Barbara Louis and she is 15 months old. Michelle and I were approached by her mother who was sent by the Mayor of Jacmel to see if we could take her in. She was very poor and coulndt afford to keep Barbara. She couldn’t really work because there was no one to watch her daughter, so the only way she could feed them was to do dishes for some lady for little cash. She seemed like she took care of her the best she could, but we could tell by the clothes that they were wearing and her demeanor that they were really poor. Michelle felt that what were being told was honest so she talked with Drex and Jo about taking her in. They suggested we go to the Mayor and confirm that the things she told us were true. We went down to the Majestrate with Frenell who translated for us and Barbara and her mother. The mayor knew her right away and he began to confirm her story. So we asked him if we could take her that day and start the paperwork to make it legal. He had an official document written up to protect us untill Drex came back and made everything totally legal. We put our names on the document so if there was anything that came up, then we would have legal proof that we took her in. Well the paperwork people made a mistake and put down as Michelle and I being married. Jeremy and Michelle Picker. We thought that was pretty funny. We joked that in one afternoon, we got married, had a new little girl, and was on our honeymoon in the carrabean. Then 3 days later we got sick of each other and she left me to go back to the states. All in joking of course( dont worry mom, I didnt get married.)
The more I thought about what was taking place, the more my heart began to break. We were getting ready to take a baby away from her mother. The thought of that is so overwhelming. You could tell that there were many emotions running through the mother’s head. Probably thought of relieve for the fact that she could take care of herself and find work to feed her, but at the same time confusion and sorrow for giving up a little life she brought into this world. I told her that she can sleep well at night for this is the best thing she could do for her child. Of course being with the mother is the ultimate, but if she couldnt take care of her, giving her to the Hands and Feet Project would be a good thing. I told her that her daughter would have instant brothers and sisters and a loving home. She will be taken care of from food, to medicine to education and that she can have confidence that Barbara will be taken care of. As we gave her some money for food and transportation and took barbara with us, she began to cry uncontrolably, for she understood that she was being taken away from her mother. As we drove off, Michelle held Barbara close to her chest and she stopped crying and her wwhole demeanor changed. I believe she felt that she was in a place of saftey and felt the love that we gave her. Be brought her to Edeline and iinformed all the children that she was their new little sister. We had to get some diapers and clothes for her and get her on some medicatio. She had scabies and we gave her worm medicine. As she observed everything around her, she began to run free as if she was breaking out of jail. She began to laugh and smile and it gave me joy unspeakable. We came back later that day and saw that she was going to fit in just fine. As you can see by the pictures, she is a beautiful little girl and has a heart warming smile. I would take her home if I could, but she is adjusting to her new family very well.
I feel honored that I can be a part of this “changing of the gaurd” as much as it is sad and heartbreaking, but I know that we are helping a child have a better life for the future. And that makes everything that happens here worth it. Thank you all for your support and prayers.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Wall is Finished…Yeah!

For those of you who didnt know, Hands and Feet Project bought a plot of land next to the property we already have. Not sure what we are going to do with it yet, but land doesnt come easy. So buy now, develop later. We wanted to block the wall in so that we secured the land and it couldnt be changed. We got a surveyer to come in and remeasure before we started to make sure we were building on the right line. After some discussion he confirmed everything and Oduis and the crew got to work. The hardest part of the whole process was digging the trench. The ground here is extremely rock as you can see in the pictures, so it took a lot of time just to clear a spot to build the foundation. There are a lot of pictures to give you an idea of the whole process, start to finish. I learned a lot by observing the workers techniques and ingenuity. They continue to amaze me at how hard they work and how accurate they are with the few tools they have. Thank you all for your support in making this purchase of the new land possible. God Bless

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Happy Birthday to Lodgley and Georgina!!!

So, it seems as if it has been for ever since I have had a chance to write and tell of the adventures of the Hands and Feet Project!!! First off, I am so glad to be back in Haiti, the country and people that are so dear to me. (I have been here for two weeks and one to go. boo I wish it were longer.) Second, I was looking at our kids records and dicovered that it was time to party!!!! Lodgley turned 5 on Oct. 1st were Georgina will turn 8 on Oct. 18. So we decked out for the celebration today. You know balloons, punch, and cake!! No to mention presents. The kids were not really sure what to think. I am not sure they had really celebrated a birthday before. Oops, I had to stop for a second, Jeremy was out on the porch and located a taranchula. I had to go and see it. Oh, did I mention the snake the workers caught the other day??? The fun times of Haiti. Everyone is doing great. I wish you all could be here to see the amazing work that God has created. To wake up every day and have three little diaper baring little ones come out and join you in a cup of water right off the bat makes your days worth it all in Haiti!!! Until tomorrow!!

Michelle Meece

Monday, September 25, 2006

We are Officially Haitian

Before Drex left to go to the states, He wanted to put up the Haitian Flag so we could finally be “Officially Haitian.” So drex,all the workers, and I hummed the Haitian National Anthem and then saluted the flag. We joked around with the workers that everytime they entered the property they had to salute the flag. So here we stand proudly hailing the flag of this beautiful land!

Friday, September 22, 2006

We just purchased more land!

I wanted to inform everyone that more land was purchased next to the land we have now. We are still deciding the use for the land, but good-flat land is hard to come by so we thought that is would be best to aquire it now. Just pray that God gives the Hands and Feet Project the direction and resources possible to accomplish his will. Thanks you all for your support in helping us purchase this land to continue the work of helping those in need. We are truly blessed. God Bless jeremy

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We are back up and running!

Well for those of you that didn’t know, Drex and Jo flew back to the States for a couple of months to take care of some business and to relax a little bit. My name is Jeremy Picker and I have relieved them for the time that they are gone. I used to sell merchandise for Audio Adrenaline and I heard about what they were doing down in Cyvadier and asked if I could help with construction or anything else. Mark told me that they had the construction covered, but that his parents had to leave for a couple of months and they needed someone to oversee it while they were gone. I told him I would do it instantly and here I am. The first week here, Drex and Jo filled me in on all my duties and responsibilities. They crammed in a lot of stuff within a short period of time. I was a little overwhelmed, but I think I have handled it pretty well. I will have more to say in the days coming, so keep an eye out. The internet was off for over a week and I have been trying to catch up on things. Please keep me in your prayers as well as the children and the whole project. Looking forward to making some new friends on here. God Bless p.s. you can email me at or check out my personal blog: , all normal messages will go to drex in the states thx

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Well, we are finally able to write a new “blog”! We have been down with satellite problems for over two weeks! They just left and have us back on. Since the Iowa group left we were blessed to have some of the old California group come for a visit. Marcia, Rebekah, Patti and Chris (Hands and Feet Project State-side director) came for a couple of weeks. They were astonished to see how much the project has moved forward. They got to really love on the kids, play with them and teach them a lot of new things. They painted, built and watched the “fort” while Jo and I went to Port-Au-Prince for a couple of days to try and get our “Permise Du-Jour”. This will enable us to stay for as long as we want before we have to leave country. The first two little houses are coming along great. The roof on house #1 will be poured this week. The Iowa group know first-hand about those blocks on house #1. It will always be a part of them. Jeremy Picker, a friend of Audio Adrenaline will be coming to Cyvadier to watch the place for a couple of months while Jo and I go to the states for some rest, tests and visits. Michelle Meece will return during our absence as well in October. Be in prayer for them, as they are talking on quite a load of work. It’s never too late to pray and support the work here in Cyvadier. We need support right now for Georgina to go to school. It will cost about $300 US dollars for the entire year. Maybe your Sunday school class or small group can take this project on. If so just contact Chris Cotton at Well, we will keep you updated soon. Drex and Jo Stuart

Thursday, August 3, 2006


We left the Minneapolis airport at 6:30 am and flew to Miami. During our layover in Miami, the Sams and Lynley took pictures of a coke bottle on a moving sidewalk in the airport. From Miami we flew to Port au Prince. On the flight we had a little trouble filling out our green cards, but we enjoyed the food. When we arrived in Port au Prince, we drove to a smaller airport, which later we found out was only two blocks away, to catch a plane to Jacmel. Unfortanetly in Port au Prince, we ran into bad weather and had to spend the night at a guest house in CSI, a mission housing. Our first meal in Haiti was pepperoni pizza from Domino’s! We all were taken aback by the poor conditions of the city. We heard gun shots and dogs barking. We saw garbage burning, reckless driving, and armed guards. The group took everything in with a meeting at night.
After having breakfast at CSI, we went down to the smaller airport. We ended up taking two small planes into Jacmel. While in flight, we saw the Caribbean sea, mountains, and huts. Once the planes landed, our group headed for our first time to the Hands and Feet Project. Upon arrival we unpacked our bags and went out to transfer cement blocks from one cottage foundation to the other. Our group also got introduced to our project with no end: the septic tank hole. At night, Drex and Jo took us for a drive into town. The Haitian people usually were outside in front of their small cement block homes, walking with anything from a television to a truck wheel with a tire balancing on their heads, or cooking. We turned around to come home when the paved road ended. That night, some Haitians were having the second night of their 15 day worship service. This could have been in response to the Voodoo worship going on next door. They warmly welcomed us to the service, and they even translated the messages for us. Nancy attempted to steal the Bible, but Ken intervened. Emily was up three rows with the Haitian girls and nearly was left. After we left, the worship service went on well into the night.
When the roosters crowed at the crack of dawn, we were all up and ready to work or almost ready to work. Most of our group headed straight for the hole where we were digging and picking. Sam G., Hailey, Jess, and Nancy went into town on the first trip to pick up diesel, paint, water, and ice. Since not all the stores were open, Ken, Beth, Sam B, Lynley, and Emily went into town with Drex on the second trip to get bread, milk, bleach, and Pepsi. We noticed that most of the Haitian people were actually wearing old American clothes and selling them on the street. After lunch, Ken, Sam G., Emily, and Sam B headed right back out to the hole where we dug just about two feet. Beth, Nancy, and Lynley went to paint the railing. Jess and Hailey played with the kids. Then after supper we played clue-Mrs. White did it- and watched the premier of Audio A’s Adios DVD. Drex also let us in on some inside information about the band.
After breakfast, Ken, Lynley and Jess joined Carlos in the hole and kept digging. The rock they were working on was about 300 lbs and had to be broken up in order to be lifted out. Sam G. and Emily carried cement block, carried and mixed mortar, layed block on the first cottage, and learned some Haitian words. Nancy and Beth became the painting experts. Hailey manned the porch. Our group enjoyed the Haitian meal prepared by the nanny that works for the project. We enjoyed rice and beans, creole chicken, and a pickles, which is a VERY spicy slaw. This was also our first day of VBS with the neighorhood children. The kids enjoyed singing the hokey pokey and Bingo. Then the children took turns singing to us. We performed a skit starring Ken as Jesus and Lynley as a paralytic healed by Jesus. Beth then explained how Jesus cleanses us from the inside. Fernell interpreted for us and helped with the kids. When Nancy brought the suckers out, the kids trampled her. They also enjoyed the water balloons and bubbles. After VBS, we went to the beach. Jess had a fun time getting on floation device! After washing up, we enjoyed Haitian cuisine at Ambiance where on the balcony we looked onto the streets of Jacmel. We saw the a UN truck drive by, a woman chatting it up with an ice chest balancing on her head, a man riding on a mattress on top of a tap tap, and a woman with two chairs on her head. Sam B and Hailey ate goat, while Emily had a fish with the head attached. Later that night we played Clue again- and Mrs. White did it…again.
Drex and Ken spent the morning in town and purchased lumber, propane, and water. Carlos came with and bought fresh fruit and eggs. While walking, a motorcycle clipped Carlos and broke some eggs. Ken also saw a Haitian man with a live turkey balanced on his head. They also went to the bank to cash a check to pay the workers. Lynley, Nancy, Beth, and Sam B painted all morning. Nancy decided using a paint roller is Sam’s calling. Sam G and Emily went and transfered over 200 cement blocks while carefully watching for spiders. Anderson went on a block rampage with us! Jess and Hailey played with the children. They all enjoyed the bouncy balls. We enjoyed another Haitian meal of Creole spam and rice and beans. After lunch we had our second round of VBS where the Sams and Hailey suprised the kids by launching water balloons at them from the roof. We sang Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with the kids, which suprisingly some of them knew. They also could sing The B-I-B-L-E in Creole. We were better prepared with handing out candy today. Our story today had Jesus, again played by Ken, showing that he loves the children. Oddly enough “Jesus” forgot to hug his own daughter during the skit. Afterwards Lynley, Beth, Nancy, Sam G, and Emily cleaned the splattered paint from the tiles. Drex, Ken, and Sam B built a table and benches for the kids. Jess and Hailey played with the kids. Later, Sam G and Emily made plans for house #2, while Lynley killed spiders for them. Afterwards the women took on the hole until they were driven out by the rain. Jo had a delicious spagetti supper waiting. Nancy, Beth, Sam G, and Emily made cookies and Jesus fish out of pipe cleaners for tomorrow’s VBS lesson where “Jesus” will feed the 5000. The evening ended with a game a Compatability and Emily writing 5 days worth of blog!
After our pancake and muffin breakfast, Beth, Lynley, Sam G, Emily, and Jess headed for the hole. Ken and Sam B finished up the tables and benches for the children with Drex. Nancy and Hailey played with the kids. Then Beth, Lynley and Jess went to paint the tables and benches. Sam G and Emily went to help with the Haitian workers on the cottage. They also learned their Creole pronouns. Sam G also learned the importance of understanding another language when Anderson asked for the hammer in Creole and Sam moved the ladder he was standing on. Ken and Drex then went into town. They thought maybe the owner of the lumber yard should hire someone to sort through the pile of boards. They spent about 30 minutes looking through a woodpile for a 2×4. Sam B and Beth also transferred more block while being seranaded by Nancy and the children singing “motor boat.” We had another session of VBS with the neighborhood kids after lunch. Note to future groups: the kids love water balloons, but T-Bone, Drex and Jo’s dog doesn’t. Also, when the translator doesn’t show up, Jo can fill in. Our story this time was Jesus feeding the crowd. After VBS the whole group minus Emily went to work with Didi and Carlos in the hole. After learning that Carlos knew Spanish, we started a chain of translation. Someone would speak in English, Lynley would translate to Spanish, Carlos would translate to Creole, and vice versa. Meanwhile Emily worked with Anderson and Otis at the house while trying to make Carlos sing to us from the hole. Then Patti and Rebekah from LA arrived for their second trip to the Hands and Feet Project. Then they joined us for supper at the local hotel. We had lobster and chicken with french fries, rice, fried plantain, and VERY VERY spicy slaw. Since most the group was riding in the back of the truck, they had a chance to truly enjoy the tropical storm. For our late night entertainment, Drex played a video of John Daker singing ”Christ has Risen” and “Amore.” Unfortunetly Johnny just couldn’t remember the words. (Check it out at
Drex let us have the day off, and we slept in….until 7am! Sam G, Lynley, Beth, Jess, and Hailey went into town with Drex to buy water and ice. While they were in town, Nancy gave Jo a haircut, and the Californians unpacked. Later Drex brought the whole group to market. We saw a mass chaos of slaughtered cows, rice, carrots on heads, RX’s, shoes, clothes, extra long hair extensions, and lots of chicken bouillon cubes. Older Haitian ladies were pushing us around shouting “blan” which means “white.” At market, Ken bartered with a Haitian man and bought two large carved statues. Oddly enough this occurred after Ken told us all to be careful on how much we buy because we needed to condense our luggage. When we drove up to the project site, the souvenir lady was waiting for us. We all came out very well and so did she. After lunch the whole group went to a nicer beach. Unfortunately in our fight with the waves, Ken and Sam both lost their sunglasses. The man Ken bought the statues from showed up at the beach. His persistence paid off when Nancy bought a walking stick from him. When we came home, Sam G, Lynley, and Emily walked down the street to buy cokes in a bottle to take home. We had a little confusion when they asked us to bring the bottles back, but we finally explained that we wanted to pay for the bottles also. Back at the house we heard a man yelling “Ken” from the gate. The man selling the statues had followed us home! His persistence did not pay off this time when Drex told him to go away. Later on, Carlos and Didi came to play soccer with us. The whole Iowa group minus Hailey went to play. They kicked our butts! Hailey and the Californian people ate and braided the kids’ hair. After playing or attempting to play soccer, we gave the Haitians kool aid and took pictures. They love having their picture taken. Didi also gave Sam B, Lynley, and Emily a ride on his motorcycle. Since we hadn’t seen a tarantula yet, Beth led Sam G, Emily, Lynley, and Hailey on a spider hunt. Finally we found a spider in Jonesy’s backyard. Drex then took our group on the porch to have a end-of-the-trip discussion. He would like Beth and Nancy to stay forever to keep everyone in line. Then we enjoyed the banana ice cream Ken made along with the brownies Beth made. Now as I’m finishing the blog for our last night here, we are listening to Audio A in honor of our trip here.
Late last night, Sam G, Lynley, and Emily decided to have one last swing in the hole. After Sam had completed his turn, he took the flashlight, and Emily got in the hole. As Sam was shining the flashlight for Lynley to come in with Emily, he yelled, “get out of the hole now, seriously.” There was a tarantula in the hole with us!
This morning we left for the airport. All of us were sad to leave and were already planning the trip for next year. After saying our goodbyes, we flew from Jacmel to Port au Prince. At the airport, Ken paid an airport worker to get us to the front of the line and a back way through customs. Meanwhile, Emily bartered with two Haitians to buy a wooden globe. We left Port au Prince and flew into Miami. After going through customs, we all went to Drex’s first stop upon arrival back to the USA…Burger King. We also may have spotted Fantasia from American Idol there. During our five hour layover, the Sams and Lynley took a picture of a sign in the airport that said “pardon our dust.” Also, Nancy did a great job at handling her walking stick. We arrived back in Minneapolis around 11:30 pm and then everyone, minus Emily drove home to Waverly, Iowa. We had an amazing experience and would strongly encourage anyone to work with the Hands and Feet Project! Until next time…Adios!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Michelle Meece from Richland, Indiana has been a dear friend for many years to the Stuart family. She lived with us in St. Louis-Du-Nord when we were missionaries for Northwest Haiti Christin Mission. Her love for missions and the people of Haiti is evident. We are certainly fortunate to have her work with us at Hands and Feet Project. Michelle, a school teacher, just spent 6 weeks (her summer vacation from school) helping us. She just left this morning and we and the Haitian people are already missing her. Thanks, Michelle, for all your work and care for this mission and our kids! Hope to see you soon! Drex and Jo

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Moving day!!!

Drex and Jo have finally got to move into their apartment upstairs. They officially spent the night last night. Boy do I have a big place to myself now. It has been rather fun to help move them in. Georgina and Logley help with transporting things to the apartment. They thought they were big stuff. I ask them how much it would cost for their expertise in moving and I was quoted a price of 4 gorde. Which is about 2 cents U.S. Now were can you get good help for such a reasonable price. They were awesome. They settled for a piece of cake and some candy for payment. They keep asking when they can help some more. The apartment looks really nice. I think Drex and Jo will be really happy up there. The men are almost done with the foundation to the second home. I wish you all could and would come down and see the progress of the Hands and Feet Project. What the Lord has done here is amazing.


Only in Haiti!!!!

Well here is what’s up in Haiti! I will start way back on Friday. Jo, Georgina, and myself had a girls day at the “mall”. hee hee. More like, to the open market out in the blazing sun. Geogina needed clothes desperately. She basically had nothing. You can only wear flipflops so many times (yes even to church). We needed to get her out of the boys swim trucks and into some girl clothes. We had so much fun!! Although Georgina had never been shopping before and she was a little scared at first, she was just like any other child on this earth. She spotted a “pope” (a baby doll) that was the only thing on her mind. We had to explain to her that she already had a “pope” at home. We had to laugh, it made you realize that kids are still kids where ever you are. What a very fun day we had.

Next came Sunday. We are sitting in church (for those of you that has never been to a Haitian church, the doors always stay open to try to cool the place down to about 100, at least that is how hot it feels.) I happen to look back and see our handy man Carlos standing back at the door. He starts waving for me to get Jo’s attention. I look back and realize there are two men with flower pots for sell. I nudge Jo to look. She can’t believe her eyes. So we send Drex out to take care of the situation. Well it hit me funny and I had one of those church laughs that you just can’t get rid of. I know the people around me was wondering what was wrong. To them buying a flower pot during church must not be a big deal. I just had to wonder if a man came into my church in the States to sell me a flower pot, how long would it take to get the authorities there?? But only in Haiti is it approapriate to buy flower pots during church.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Arizona and Alaska Group 1-2007

It was only three of them, but they worked liked it was six! Maureen (Mo) McSpadden and her daughter, Krisanne from Arizona met friend, Kristie Pepperworth from Alaska (yes it was really cold when she left home) to come to the little village of Cyvadier. They met to work at the Hands and Feet Project for about 10 days! They painted on the two little houses and stained 12 doors and painted tables for the kids. They also spent a lot of time loving on the 12 kids here. We had to check their carry-on baggage when they left to make sure one of the little kids was not in them!! Most importantly, they learned first hand what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ! They not only poured out their hearts to our kids, but to all the folks living around us as well! Thanks so much, guys, for your labor of love! We hope to see you again! Maybe next January ? Drex, Jo and Michelle

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Here’s the lastest!!!

Isemaels First Hair Cut.jpg Just in case some of you have not heard, we now have two more children in the house!!!! They are brothers. Isemael and Woudy Paraison. Isemael is the oldest of the two. He is 4. Wouldy we believe is two, but are not certain of his age. It has been a change for both of them. Isemael was not to keen on moving in, but Woudy took to his new home quite quickly. We were able to have a fellow missionary (who happens to be a physicians assistant) to check both boys out. They seem to be rather healthy, besides a slight case of scabies (which we are treating). Woudy has taken to Drex like he was his real grandpa or something. It is quite comical. We had to take care of getting hair cuts for the boys since Isemael had been mistaken for a girl everytime someone met him. (Braids and all.) So this morning Drex and I took the task of hair cutting. I chopped off the braids and Drex took on with the clippers. Isemael was not sure what was happening, but I think he likes his new do!!! To top off the day, after we all went to church, we headed to the beach with the kids. None of them had ever been so close to the ocean. Not even our nanny, which suprised me. We had so much fun. They were all a little nervous at first, but that changed quickly. Themera wanted nothing to do with someone holding her hand in the water. She is so funny!!!! Woudy decided he need no help either, but that changed too. He loved the water also. Georgina was almost like a little fish. (As long as she was close to the shore.) She wanted to go out farther, but was like a suction cup to you. What a fun day we had!!!!!!! Hopefully we will have some photos up soon. So stay tuned to the wonderful work here at the Hands and Feet Project.


Friday, June 30, 2006


Little Jonas went to be with the Lord on June 30, 2006. He died this morning with dignity and loving, caring people all around. A special thanks to Teresa, Dr. Edwards and his loving wife, the many individuals who prayed for him and visited many times. It was an honor to have helped with this little guy. I’ll never forget Sister Rose Martha’s comment, “At least, now, he’ll die with dignity like a human”. Adios, Jonas and may the Lord welcome you in His loving arms forever!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Audio A has arrived!

Yesterday was quite a day here at the H&F Project. Drex, Jo, and the band was coming back to Haiti. I thought I would have the place looking good for the group, but just when you think everything is going well, something has to happen. I thought I lost T-Bone the dog the night before. He was no where to be found!!! Come to find out he jumps the fince at night!!! Then the clothes I was washing did not dry, we were out of gas. So then I get to the airport to pick them up and the UN had some “big wigs” coming in and the soldiers come running to the airport and hiding in the woods and on the ground. They surrounded the runway. I started to think I needed to leave, but then I thought they might think I was up to something, so I stayed. It was nice to see the group coming in. We headed back to our place only to be met by another missionary and six of her patents. (One had been in Port-au-Prince having a baby, she was very sick at the time of birth.) Her baby was so cute. Today we set out for town. We spread the word that we were in search for some babies. I will not be surprised if we don’t have some at our door by tonight. There are so many out here starving, you just want to take all of them and care for them. The kids have enjoyed the guys being here in the short amount of time they have already been here. It is so funny to see five or six little boys not much older than 8 or 9 beating Audio A in soccer. Ha Ha Ha!!!!What a sight!!!!! You all need to come and witness the greatness of our Lord. To see a country so poor materialistic, but yet so rich in life. You truly appreciate what God has given you. (But feel guilt at the same time.) Come and be His hands and feet in Haiti!!!


Friday, June 23, 2006

Good Bye!!!!

Well, the Richland, IN and Calhoun, KY group just left this morning. I think they had mixed emotions about leaving this fair country. They were excited about getting home and back into the swing of things, but hated to leave the children!!! It is a little quite here right now. Although I am watching the kids while Edeline goes to Super Walmart for groceries (ha ha ha). Angie Williams is here visiting off of the mountain. She is returning to the States on Monday. Had to stop for a moment to take photos of the cuteness of the kids. Jabez was eating the camera lens cap, so funny he is. Well better go for now.


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Morning America!!!

What a beautiful morning it is here in Haiti. Not to hot (yet), not to cold, just right. At least for the next 5 minutes. We have been working hard the past couple of days. We have basically finished painting the upstrairs and staining the doors. (although we forgot one yesterday) We have had a great turn out for our little Bible Story/ Bible games with the kids. Last night we spent alot of time with Themera, Jabez, and Logley. They are so much fun. Jabez just loves to talk to you now. He can spot Drex’s voice a mile away. It is so cute. Themera and Jebez have been a little under the weather the past couple of days, (possible stomach flu) but are almost back to par. (I blame it on Drex and Jo passing their sicken to them, shame, shame, shame) ha ha!!! You know how it is, everyone in the house has to get it before it will leave!!! The group from Richland Christian Church and Calhoun Christian Church are doing great here in Haiti. I just wonder how they are going to adapt on Friday when they have to leave the kids????? It will be hard. Some time you guys need to come on down to see the greatness of this little Carribean town. It has so much to offer with nothing of material worth.

Michelle Meece

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Little Jonas

Well, we took a trip to visit Jonas today. We were not sure what we were in store for. Jonas was still about the same as Drex had discribed. What a struggle for such a little soul. The sisters are taking good care of him. They did say he was eating a little solid food. Just going into the Sisters of Charity was a sight. A very well kept area but with so many little one to care for. Jonas still has fluid coming out of the sore on his head (spinal fluid). He did not seem to be in as much pain today, but it is still there (you can see it in his little eyes). Please, please, keep him in your prayers. Please pray that God will comfort him, it is all in His timing. Just on a side note, we left the Sisters of Charity and went across the street to the hospital. We were there to check on new babies. The nurse informed us of a baby that was brought there just yesterday that had been left to someone. They were given our name and address. We thought they might come by, but there has been no word yet from them. We will keep you informed.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bonjour from Haiti

For those who are wondering who I am, I am a long time friend of Mark and the band and lived with Drex and Jo Stuart in Haiti many years ago. I am here in Haiti for the summer. I have been wokring with the Hands and Feet Project from the get go. I have brought a small group in from Richland, IN. We are painting, staining, and playing with the kids here. The group is over whelmed by the sight and sounds of Haiti. They are loving it here. It has been great playing with the kids here at the sight. We are getting ready to go and check on Jonas down at the Sisters of Charity. This will be a sight for all of us. It is unbelievable what God can do for us. Drex and Jo are such great host and hostess. (Even though they are both under the weather, but they will be fine.) I hope to keep up the blogs while I am here. I will be here until July 26th. So watch out for more info.

MIchelle Meece

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Michelle has finally made it back to the Hands and Feet Project after making a short visit to the States. I am very glad to be back!!!! I was so glad to see the kids. You would not believe the difference in Rood and Roodly. They are growing so fast!!! Roodly better watch out, because as you can see Rood is gaining strength and he just might sock it to him. They love to laugh with you. Our God is so amazing to see the lives that He has brought back to us that were so far gone! Please continue to pray for our kids and our staff.

Your friends;
Drex, Jo, and Michelle

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Baby Jonas Update

Dear Friends of Hands and Feet Project,
We checked on Baby Jonas again this morning and his condition had worsened slightly. He now is in more pain. Sister Rose Martha said he has been crying with pain a lot more than usual. However, she said he might live another 2 weeks or more now that he has been getting nurishment. His open sore on his head is getting larger. Spinal fluid is still seeping out of the wound. They found a mosquito net and placed it over his crib to keep the flies off his sores. It is so wonderful to see the loving care they are giving our little baby. Keep us in your prayers and Little Baby Jonas that God’s will be done. Pray that H&F Project will be open always to the needs of the people of Haiti.
In His Love,
Drex and Jo

Friday, June 2, 2006

Baby Jonas Near Death

This morning I took a PA friend, Teresa Murphy, from the mountain at Seguin, to the little mission of the Sisters Of Charity in Jacmel. We were saddened to see that little Jonas’ condition has deteriorated to very near death. A sore on his head has ruptured and spinal fluid was seen coming out. His little eyes were not opened completely today. His respiration and heart rate were extremely fast. Teresa said this indicated a very critical situation. However, little Jonas was clean and well taken care of. Like Sister Rose Martha said when she took him in ,”At least he’ll get the chance to die like a human”. Please keep the mission and little Jonas in your prayers. We’ll keep you informed as we learn more. In His Service In Haiti, Drex and Jo

Monday, May 29, 2006

New Wall Construction

The new 200 feet wall will be done this week. Construction is on schedule. After the wall is done we will move the chain-linked fench to its new location and begin digging the foundations for two of the little houses. We have a small group coming June 16th from Richland, Indiana. After that Audio A will be here for three or four days filming some spots for the Gospel Music Channel. It will be a busy June. Continue to remember the mission and especially little Jonas in your prayers. Drex and Jo

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Learning To Adapt- My Third Day.

On the Computer

Well, I made it through my first real day with something to do. I watched Thamara and Jabez until about 4:00. It wasn’t hard at all. (Thamara is fat. She needs to cut back on the food. She ate the whole time she was with me. If it were my own kids at home I would say no more. But when I quit giving her food she would cry. I was afraid all the Haitians next door would think I was beating her. So I just let her eat and eat. I think that was why it was so easy.) At about noon they took naps and Jabez didn’t wake up until after four. (It might have been all that Benadryl I gave him, just kidding!)

After Edaline came back to get them I just worked on my website trying to get the cameras to work (They work. I just can’t make them so everyone can see them) and get all the kinks out. A couple of little neighbor boys hung out by the gate and kept calling my name. “Hey Bhoob, hey Bhoob”. First they want me to pump up their tires on their bikes. So, I do that. Then they come back with a couple more kids with more tires to be pumped up. Then about a half hour later I hear a knocking on the gate and “Hey Bhoob, hey Bhoob” This time I ignore them for awhile, but they are persistent. I know they are testing me. Checking out the new guy to see how far they can get. I don’t want to be mean. But I also want to set some boundaries. So this time I go out and they want me to go back in and get them some water. So now I resort to talking as fast in English as I can hoping that I sound to them like they sound to me. They might then get confused like I do and just go away. Or if that doesn’t work, I just shrug my shoulders and smile a lot and say “what?” Or “No comprendo”. Actually, that is Spanish but it makes me feel like I am trying to communicate. Then I feel better about myself. Better because I don’t feel like a lazy American who doesn’t even take the time to learn the language. But, I realize that all cultures have pros and cons. I know that sometimes people think we Americans are too rich. Or don’t have enough compassion, etc, etc, etc. They might be right but, we have some good attributes too. Like, I don’t knock on people’s metal gates pestering them to death. I started to feel bad though so I did go back out with a cup of water. Which they drank and then wanted me to get them something else. I honestly didn’t know what they wanted this time. So I just smiled and said your welcome and went back inside. They finally left me alone after I threw some rocks at them. I’m just kidding again! I’d never think of doing something like that.

I almost forgot, some old guy with a fishing spear came by and wanted to know if I wanted to buy some lobster he caught. So I showed him some of the Haitian money I had and basically motioned “how many can I get for this?” After a little negotiation I bought two lobsters. He threw in another one too. I think I got a really good deal. So, after the kids left I got on line and googled how to cook lobster. So I boiled it and ate it and it is almost midnight and so far I feel fine. I think I’m safe.

Nap Time

The kids wouldn’t go take a nap when they were supposed too. I fianlly had to go and lay down with them until I fell asleep and the crying didn’t bother me anymore. Finally Asleep.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I am here!!

I finally arrived here in Haiti. It was not as bad as I thought it would be since I had an extra compter and computer stuff to drag around. I got here and met Ben ( Ben has taken off from his job for over a month to help out while Drex and Jo are gone.) It is great that he would do that. I have to take hm to the ariport at 6 in the morning and then I am truely here all by myself. I speak no Creole (the Hatian language) but luckly a few people here understand a little Spanish. I know a little Spanish so I have been speaking Spanish more than anything.

I haven’t got to see much of the kids that are here yet. We spent most of the afternoon and evening going over the baiscs. Like, how to turn the water on, and how to switch from battery power to the generator if need be. Where to get fuel, etc, etc.

Well, I want to write more but I am pretty tired now. I will have more time tomorrow to fill everyone in on my trip.

Day Two, My First Full Day

Well, I am ending my first full day here in Haiti and getting ready for my first night alone. I have to go around and make sure the outside gate is locked and also make sure that all the doors and windows are locked here in the building. I also have to let the dog out of its pen so it can roam around the compound at night. The dog doesn’t seem like much of a watch dog. He likes to jump all over you and lick you. I would feel a little better about something that was a little meaner. But, whatever. I played with the kids today and that was good that they got use to me because I have to watch them by myself tomorrow. It should be no problem. That is about the only thing I feel confident about. I have five kids at home so two are going to be a piece of cake. Although, I don’t think I am going to go to church tomorrow. I checked in and they don’t seem to have child care. J I am sure by next Sunday I will have no problem going to church with them but I think I will make sure things go well first before I head out into public with them alone.

I met several guys from WYAM today, Larry and Patrick.. They came by and hung out for awhile and then we went for a ride to see some property where another orphanage is going in soon. It was nice to get out and talk to someone without using hand motions.

I have been working on the computers trying to get my live webcams up and running but I have to much socializing going on. After dinner another missionary named Teresa who is a P.A. and runs a clinic a couple of hours away came by to stay the night because they couldn’t make up the mountain before it got dark. She had a couple other people with her also. Once she got here people came to our gate looking for her because someone had a really high fever and needed a doctor. I went with them to someone’s house and the teenage boy had malaria. She came back and got some meds out of her truck and sent it back to him to take..

It was a very interesting day and I met lots of interesting people but I didn’t get much stuff done on the internet like I wanted to. So I will try to upload some pics tonight if I can but I may have to wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting Ready To Go

It is past midnight and I am packing some last minute stuff. I am taking a couple of computers so that is a hassle to pack. I leave Thursday but I have to stay overnight in Miami. I will be getting into Haiti around noon and have to wait for another in country flight to get me to Jacmel. This is my first blog and is really just a test to make sure this all works. While I am there I will be blogging and sending out pictures and video. I also plan to set up several web cams so you can see what is going on while I am there. It may take me a day or so to get those up and running. This is really a test trip of how I want to set up things there at the orphanage. My goal is to have camera on all the time in the future so people here in the states or anywhere else can get online and see what is going on there and get to know some of the people. I will also be putting some interesting pictures from the early Audio Adrenaline day and before when we were in collage. Some are funny and Mark and Will may not be to happy want me to take them off. He he he. They should just be landing in New Zealand right now so it may take them a while to get their computers on line and check this out. Ok, I am going to bed and will report back later.