Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Kids On The Block

Well, Michelle is in the states for a much needed break and we are back! She did an excellent job of "holding down the fort" while we were gone. Jo and I were back only a few days when we received a call from Teresa, our PA missionary friend. She told us about Isaac (3 years old)and Edmond (11 months old). Their mother died last week and the father is gone. They had no family to care for them, so we told her to bring them on. They have adjusted very well, and actually were not in bad shape, just hungry. We now have 36 kids and there are others we are talking to. We want to thank all of our friends, family and supporters that make this mission possible. May God bless you richly for your concern.

Drex and Jo

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just an update on our Family!

Hi everyone:

Just wanted to let everyone know what is going on around the grounds here at the Hands and Feet Project here in Haiti. Things are going quite well for the time being. The kids are growing like weeds. We currently have 34 kids in our family. All of them have such amazing stories. I would love to tell you all of them. I will share in a few.

First off, we added to our family in late March. Little Maudelet Douce joined our family. We were not sure at first if he was going to make it. He came to us from off a mountain top. His mother is dead and for like 6 months he only drunk rice water. He was so close to death that when we got him to the hospital the doctor said he was in stage 4 of Malnourshment and there are only 5 stages and the last stage is death. He had to have a blood transfusion that night or he would most likely die during the night. WELL today he is up and going. Wait did I mention little Maudelet is over a year old and weighted in at only 9 pounds. He is now crawling and talking so much.

As most of you know last May Rood and Roodly joined our family. As you know they were in the same boat as little Maudelet. WELLLLLLLLL in a years time, they have progressed so much. They are walking everywhere and they think they are the owners of our dog T-Bone. They are sooo funny. We have changed their names to Ti-Comic and Ti_comic junior. which translates. little comidian and little comidian junior. Rood was eating the other day and here comes Roodly and Rood just claps his hands and says NO. I thought we were going to fall on the floor in laughter. (this was his offical first word)

Georgina is our oldest little girl. She amazes me on a daily bases. She can have a complete conversation with you in English. She is doing so well in school. She loves to learn. Some times I have to remember she is one of the kids not ones of the adults. hee hee

WEll I could go on and on about all of our kids. But this would take sooo long.

As far as our grounds, things are coming along so well. The depot (storage) is up and running. the sick room, office, dining area, and apartment are coming along quit well. We had a group from PA here a couple of weeks ago and they worked soooo hard. They had a job of moving rocks from our new river bed. (The river bed that was formed from Tropical storm Noel.) They were such a great group.

I wish that all of you could come down and play with our kids and even do a little work if you want.

Please comtinue to pray for our mission, kids, and workers. Please pray for the country of Haiti also.

Take care;