Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Audio A has arrived!

Yesterday was quite a day here at the H&F Project. Drex, Jo, and the band was coming back to Haiti. I thought I would have the place looking good for the group, but just when you think everything is going well, something has to happen. I thought I lost T-Bone the dog the night before. He was no where to be found!!! Come to find out he jumps the fince at night!!! Then the clothes I was washing did not dry, we were out of gas. So then I get to the airport to pick them up and the UN had some “big wigs” coming in and the soldiers come running to the airport and hiding in the woods and on the ground. They surrounded the runway. I started to think I needed to leave, but then I thought they might think I was up to something, so I stayed. It was nice to see the group coming in. We headed back to our place only to be met by another missionary and six of her patents. (One had been in Port-au-Prince having a baby, she was very sick at the time of birth.) Her baby was so cute. Today we set out for town. We spread the word that we were in search for some babies. I will not be surprised if we don’t have some at our door by tonight. There are so many out here starving, you just want to take all of them and care for them. The kids have enjoyed the guys being here in the short amount of time they have already been here. It is so funny to see five or six little boys not much older than 8 or 9 beating Audio A in soccer. Ha Ha Ha!!!!What a sight!!!!! You all need to come and witness the greatness of our Lord. To see a country so poor materialistic, but yet so rich in life. You truly appreciate what God has given you. (But feel guilt at the same time.) Come and be His hands and feet in Haiti!!!


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