Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Well, we are finally able to write a new “blog”! We have been down with satellite problems for over two weeks! They just left and have us back on. Since the Iowa group left we were blessed to have some of the old California group come for a visit. Marcia, Rebekah, Patti and Chris (Hands and Feet Project State-side director) came for a couple of weeks. They were astonished to see how much the project has moved forward. They got to really love on the kids, play with them and teach them a lot of new things. They painted, built and watched the “fort” while Jo and I went to Port-Au-Prince for a couple of days to try and get our “Permise Du-Jour”. This will enable us to stay for as long as we want before we have to leave country. The first two little houses are coming along great. The roof on house #1 will be poured this week. The Iowa group know first-hand about those blocks on house #1. It will always be a part of them. Jeremy Picker, a friend of Audio Adrenaline will be coming to Cyvadier to watch the place for a couple of months while Jo and I go to the states for some rest, tests and visits. Michelle Meece will return during our absence as well in October. Be in prayer for them, as they are talking on quite a load of work. It’s never too late to pray and support the work here in Cyvadier. We need support right now for Georgina to go to school. It will cost about $300 US dollars for the entire year. Maybe your Sunday school class or small group can take this project on. If so just contact Chris Cotton at Well, we will keep you updated soon. Drex and Jo Stuart

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