Saturday, October 7, 2006

Happy Birthday to Lodgley and Georgina!!!

So, it seems as if it has been for ever since I have had a chance to write and tell of the adventures of the Hands and Feet Project!!! First off, I am so glad to be back in Haiti, the country and people that are so dear to me. (I have been here for two weeks and one to go. boo I wish it were longer.) Second, I was looking at our kids records and dicovered that it was time to party!!!! Lodgley turned 5 on Oct. 1st were Georgina will turn 8 on Oct. 18. So we decked out for the celebration today. You know balloons, punch, and cake!! No to mention presents. The kids were not really sure what to think. I am not sure they had really celebrated a birthday before. Oops, I had to stop for a second, Jeremy was out on the porch and located a taranchula. I had to go and see it. Oh, did I mention the snake the workers caught the other day??? The fun times of Haiti. Everyone is doing great. I wish you all could be here to see the amazing work that God has created. To wake up every day and have three little diaper baring little ones come out and join you in a cup of water right off the bat makes your days worth it all in Haiti!!! Until tomorrow!!

Michelle Meece

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