Friday, May 4, 2007

Addition to the Family!!!

Hi everybody. Just wanted to inform you on the things that are going on here at the Hands and Feet project. We have been very busy lately. Today we added to the family. Wood and Woodly joined the family. They are a set of twin boys from the mountains. Please keep them in your prayers, for they are very malnourished and need alot of attention right now. They are the cutest little things you have ever seen. They are three months old and weigh about 6 pounds each. (But I think 5 of it is in hair. hee hee) Please be praying for our staff as we are currently looking to add another nanny to help out with the babies.

The buildings project is coming along nicely too. We are almost done with adding the iron banisters to three of the homes. They are looking so good. Odius is such a wonderful craftsman. God has been looking out for us in that department.

Take care,


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