Monday, June 9, 2008

Russellville, Kentucky Group June 2008

Well, after a long, long day of flight cancellations the Russellville, Kentucky group finally arrived! The six came ready to love on the kids and do whatever was needed to help the Hands and Feet Project. They worked hard in the depot, with painting the new apartment and pouring the porch over the depot and office doors. Carol, Sue, Missy, Michelle, Billy and Darold have lived up to the reputation of this group's past. However, we have really missed Brent (their preacher). Brent came two years ago and did a fantastic job of preaching and teaching. If you or your church group would like to schedule a short-term trip to HAF why not write Joel Griffith, the info is on our web page. We all feel one of the highlights was Billy being baptized in the ocean with many of the kids looking on! PTL!
Drex and Jo Stuart


Arnold Austin Jr said...

Congrats to Billy. What a wonderful memory to take home.

We love you guys. Keep up the GOD work.

Melissa Burbage said...

I want to thank Drex, Jo, all the Nanny's, the other workers, and even T-Bone (great guard dog) for the great hospitality while I was there. You all are definately a blessing. This is by far the greatest experience I've ever had. The children are amazing! I am missing them already. I can't wait to go back to see how they have grown. I left a piece of my heart with you all. God Bless!!!!