Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Michigan Group Back Again!

Steve Fair was busy bringing yet another group to Cyvadier's Hands and Feet Project Orphanage. (Top L-R) Cam, Noelle, Morgan, Steve, Sam (Bottom L-R) Donnie, Scott, Tim. He was assisted by his daughter, Sam. This group included six new comers! They worked hard on several projects. It was a joy watching the group interact with all the 37 kids residing at HAF. Steve has been instrumental in introducing many people to become the hands and feet of Christ. Thanks, Steve and your group for an outstanding visit!

Drex, Jo, Michelle and Larry

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Arnold Austin Jr said...

Nothing like newcomers. They make for sweet reunions for the future.

God bless each of you in this group who are working so hard to help right the wrong of children without families.