Monday, February 9, 2009


Dear Family and friends:

Things here are getting back to normal since all of the storms. We have moved everyone back into houses, but are doubled up in two. Our boys’ house on the bottom floor is still unlivable.

We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids were so excited about Christmas. I was kind of excited myself for this was the first Christmas I was here with our kids. I was sooo thankful that Larry was here to help. He has been such a blessing to the mission and my self. We wrapped so many presents and I am just glad I had some help. Our kids worked really hard on a Christmas program for us. Larry and I were really touched.

All of our kids are growing like weeds. They are doing so well right now. One of our favorite things to do with the kids right now is hide n seek. Larry is the best hider of all of us. Actually either he or I hide. I just have one little problem when I hide, I forget were the barbwire fence runs. Yes it nailed me right in the face.

We have started up with groups. Larry and I hosted a group from PA. They were so great. We had a really great time with them. Then a group from Texas and New York. After that a group from Clare, MI. Drex and Jo made it back after a well deserved break to be with family and friends (and to play with their beautiful grandchildren). It is always great to have 4 great minds here with the mission.

Your friend,


Me said...

That picture is SO cute!!!
As soon as some of my friends and I turn 18 we really want to come and help out at your orphanage!
In India my parents and a Pastor Clement started an orphanage called Kiana Childrens Home.
If you want to see pictures of the ground breaking for our new building come to my blog.

Arnold Austin Jr said...

I love pigtails. The girls look so cute in that picture.

Keep up the great work as you gear up for volunteers. (I know we are doing the same, here in Peru).