Sunday, May 10, 2009


An all guys group from Franklin, Tennessee arrived just in time to help move Rosemond and her kids into the last restored house damaged by the hurricane. It was a big day to see all four of the houses hold children again. They also dug on the septic system. Great work guys! Although your trip was short, it wasn't short in the hard work and love you showed the mission. Looking forward to seeing you again. The group consisted of Jamie George, William Hampton, Alan Thompson, Brian Williams, Jeremy Breland, Joseph Leavitt, Christopher Thomas and Mark Stuart (not shown due to early departure).
Drex,Jo,Larry and Michelle


Arnold Austin Jr said...

looks like some are out of the camo shorts uniform!

It's good to see restoration...hmmm, there's a sermon in there somewhere.

Me said...

That's pretty cool:-)
It's great that so many people are willing to come all the way out to Haiti to come and help out! Our orphanage is still working torwards international adoption. It's still pretty small, but God has really been there working on it. We've had quite a few donations come from different churches lately and right when we're building too.

Kristie said...

i vote this group joins my groups next time... ;o)

is it january yet?