Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting Ready To Go

It is past midnight and I am packing some last minute stuff. I am taking a couple of computers so that is a hassle to pack. I leave Thursday but I have to stay overnight in Miami. I will be getting into Haiti around noon and have to wait for another in country flight to get me to Jacmel. This is my first blog and is really just a test to make sure this all works. While I am there I will be blogging and sending out pictures and video. I also plan to set up several web cams so you can see what is going on while I am there. It may take me a day or so to get those up and running. This is really a test trip of how I want to set up things there at the orphanage. My goal is to have camera on all the time in the future so people here in the states or anywhere else can get online and see what is going on there and get to know some of the people. I will also be putting some interesting pictures from the early Audio Adrenaline day and before when we were in collage. Some are funny and Mark and Will may not be to happy want me to take them off. He he he. They should just be landing in New Zealand right now so it may take them a while to get their computers on line and check this out. Ok, I am going to bed and will report back later.


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