Saturday, April 29, 2006

I am here!!

I finally arrived here in Haiti. It was not as bad as I thought it would be since I had an extra compter and computer stuff to drag around. I got here and met Ben ( Ben has taken off from his job for over a month to help out while Drex and Jo are gone.) It is great that he would do that. I have to take hm to the ariport at 6 in the morning and then I am truely here all by myself. I speak no Creole (the Hatian language) but luckly a few people here understand a little Spanish. I know a little Spanish so I have been speaking Spanish more than anything.

I haven’t got to see much of the kids that are here yet. We spent most of the afternoon and evening going over the baiscs. Like, how to turn the water on, and how to switch from battery power to the generator if need be. Where to get fuel, etc, etc.

Well, I want to write more but I am pretty tired now. I will have more time tomorrow to fill everyone in on my trip.

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