Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bonjour from Haiti

For those who are wondering who I am, I am a long time friend of Mark and the band and lived with Drex and Jo Stuart in Haiti many years ago. I am here in Haiti for the summer. I have been wokring with the Hands and Feet Project from the get go. I have brought a small group in from Richland, IN. We are painting, staining, and playing with the kids here. The group is over whelmed by the sight and sounds of Haiti. They are loving it here. It has been great playing with the kids here at the sight. We are getting ready to go and check on Jonas down at the Sisters of Charity. This will be a sight for all of us. It is unbelievable what God can do for us. Drex and Jo are such great host and hostess. (Even though they are both under the weather, but they will be fine.) I hope to keep up the blogs while I am here. I will be here until July 26th. So watch out for more info.

MIchelle Meece

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