Sunday, June 18, 2006

Little Jonas

Well, we took a trip to visit Jonas today. We were not sure what we were in store for. Jonas was still about the same as Drex had discribed. What a struggle for such a little soul. The sisters are taking good care of him. They did say he was eating a little solid food. Just going into the Sisters of Charity was a sight. A very well kept area but with so many little one to care for. Jonas still has fluid coming out of the sore on his head (spinal fluid). He did not seem to be in as much pain today, but it is still there (you can see it in his little eyes). Please, please, keep him in your prayers. Please pray that God will comfort him, it is all in His timing. Just on a side note, we left the Sisters of Charity and went across the street to the hospital. We were there to check on new babies. The nurse informed us of a baby that was brought there just yesterday that had been left to someone. They were given our name and address. We thought they might come by, but there has been no word yet from them. We will keep you informed.


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