Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Moving day!!!

Drex and Jo have finally got to move into their apartment upstairs. They officially spent the night last night. Boy do I have a big place to myself now. It has been rather fun to help move them in. Georgina and Logley help with transporting things to the apartment. They thought they were big stuff. I ask them how much it would cost for their expertise in moving and I was quoted a price of 4 gorde. Which is about 2 cents U.S. Now were can you get good help for such a reasonable price. They were awesome. They settled for a piece of cake and some candy for payment. They keep asking when they can help some more. The apartment looks really nice. I think Drex and Jo will be really happy up there. The men are almost done with the foundation to the second home. I wish you all could and would come down and see the progress of the Hands and Feet Project. What the Lord has done here is amazing.


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