Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Only in Haiti!!!!

Well here is what’s up in Haiti! I will start way back on Friday. Jo, Georgina, and myself had a girls day at the “mall”. hee hee. More like, to the open market out in the blazing sun. Geogina needed clothes desperately. She basically had nothing. You can only wear flipflops so many times (yes even to church). We needed to get her out of the boys swim trucks and into some girl clothes. We had so much fun!! Although Georgina had never been shopping before and she was a little scared at first, she was just like any other child on this earth. She spotted a “pope” (a baby doll) that was the only thing on her mind. We had to explain to her that she already had a “pope” at home. We had to laugh, it made you realize that kids are still kids where ever you are. What a very fun day we had.

Next came Sunday. We are sitting in church (for those of you that has never been to a Haitian church, the doors always stay open to try to cool the place down to about 100, at least that is how hot it feels.) I happen to look back and see our handy man Carlos standing back at the door. He starts waving for me to get Jo’s attention. I look back and realize there are two men with flower pots for sell. I nudge Jo to look. She can’t believe her eyes. So we send Drex out to take care of the situation. Well it hit me funny and I had one of those church laughs that you just can’t get rid of. I know the people around me was wondering what was wrong. To them buying a flower pot during church must not be a big deal. I just had to wonder if a man came into my church in the States to sell me a flower pot, how long would it take to get the authorities there?? But only in Haiti is it approapriate to buy flower pots during church.

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