Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nashville Medical Team

Bonjour everyone,

Yesterday, Feb 9, 2007 I had the opportunity to host a small medical team from Nashville TN, Lynn Blair-Anton, Greg Anton, and Amy Cox. They were only here for the day. They had the chance to give our kids a check up and even see a couple of neighbors. They were a great group to have here. The only down fall was that they were only able to stay for the day. So we tryed to get as much stuff packed into one day. Hopefully they will be back. The only down fall of having this medical team here right now is that our kids are all healthy (thanks to the care of our P.A. friend Teresa and our great care from our Nannies.) But hey what would one want healthy or sick?? I would take healthy anyday!!!

Everyone and everything here at the Hands and Feet Project seems to be going well. The children are thriving so well. “My” new baby Jean Jean is growing so fast. He is actually starting to smile. (It’s because he loves me so much.) Or it might be because he likes to trick you into thinking he is done filling his diaper!!!! Yuck!!

The second story of the house is coming along really well. Odius and the other workers will be pouring the roof within the week. It is exciting to see the work that God has laid before us and the finished product at hand. What a great and wonderful God we serve.

Until tomorrow,


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