Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Christela’s First Party

Tonight we got a call from DJ (the American UN police officer that helped with Christela’s rescue) saying the UN was having a surprise going away party for him at UN headquarters. He leaves for the states tomorrow. He wanted to know if Christela could come. Of course, he said we were welcome to come with her! All the UN police came and went as many of them were on duty. We got to see the commander and all his officers and meet them. They all want to come by the mission and see the work we are doing for the needy kids of Haiti. Just a couple of weeks ago we got to meet the Sri Lanka forces that actually made the rescue. I feel we will be busy bringing her by the UN every couple of weeks. Also, Sther, a Haitian interpreter, was there. She was with us through out the process of getting Christela into our mission. Christela wore a green dress with lots of ruffles that DJ had just brought from the states a few days ago. We think she is going to like the party circuit!
Drex, Jo and Michelle

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