Sunday, July 29, 2007


IOWA GROUP 2 July 2007

As I write this the second Iowa group is on their way to Miami. They left Cyvadier about 4 hours ago. This group, which had Ken and Sam stay over from the first group, got to finish the famous septic hole, paint, build tables and benches for the dorms, paint the tables and benches, unload 1,700 blocks, then carry them to the new depot site, sift sand, carry dirt for the road to the depot, love on the kids, climb the mountain behind the mission, see us get two new kids (Mackenly and Relinks), love on the kids, and did I say, “Love on the kids!”. Ken, Sam, Beth, Lynn, Sarah, Sue and Emily, you guys are awesome and can return anytime you like! Thanks for all your love and help! Drex, Jo and Michelle

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