Monday, July 17, 2006

Arizona and Alaska Group 1-2007

It was only three of them, but they worked liked it was six! Maureen (Mo) McSpadden and her daughter, Krisanne from Arizona met friend, Kristie Pepperworth from Alaska (yes it was really cold when she left home) to come to the little village of Cyvadier. They met to work at the Hands and Feet Project for about 10 days! They painted on the two little houses and stained 12 doors and painted tables for the kids. They also spent a lot of time loving on the 12 kids here. We had to check their carry-on baggage when they left to make sure one of the little kids was not in them!! Most importantly, they learned first hand what it means to be the hands and feet of Christ! They not only poured out their hearts to our kids, but to all the folks living around us as well! Thanks so much, guys, for your labor of love! We hope to see you again! Maybe next January ? Drex, Jo and Michelle

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