Saturday, July 5, 2008


Well! Another great group has come and gone! This group consisted of Jean, Ruth, Katie, Lori, Carissa, Matt and Vince from the Methodist Church, Mountain View, Arkansas, along with two "old timers", Lisa and Becky from Hall Street Baptist Church, Owensboro, Kentucky. They played hard with the kids and worked hard building beds, table and benches, scrubbing the outside of the main building,as well as doing a great VBS for the kids. They also thrilled the church on Sunday morning with two great specials. Vince, who has played music professionally for years, played a "mean" guitar with the group and the interludes he played were terrific. Thanks, guys, for a fantastic week and we hope you can visit us again next year!!! By the way Vince, you should know the table would hold you, you helped Matt and Drex build it!!
Drex, Jo and Michelle

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Arnold Austin Jr said...

Praise God for volunteers. For anyone on facebook, I created a Hands & Feet Project "Piece of Flair". If you use this FB application, show your H&FP support with pride. Add the Hands and Feet Project flair to your board for all to see and remember our kids down there.