Friday, July 18, 2008

Sand Diego Group Was Great!

Well, after flying the "Red Eye" from LA all night and arriving in Haiti the next morning the San Diego group was ready to go! And go they did! They loved on the kids with hearts of angels, they painted, stained, cleaned and organized. They were a great group that is welcome here anytime they choose to come back! The group was led by co-leaders Diane and Nathan. The rest of the group included David, Shon, Kellyn, Genisee and Teale. They were not upset when they had to all get in the truck for a crowded drive back to Port-Au-Prince. Michelle and Jo took them back and stayed for much needed shopping. Thanks guys, for a great week that was truly a great blessing to us and the kids! We look forward to next year. Passe bon anne (have a great year!) Drex, Jo and Michelle


Arnold Austin Jr said...

The crazy things missionaries do. I am heading from Puno to Lima, Peru..a 21 hour drive, with "extra" passengers. I have the same truck, but with a camper shell.

God bless you guys. We love you and what you do in His name.

JesusFreak said...

hey JO and Drex and Michelle it's Kellyn! i am totally missing you and the children! i love you guys and am praying for you!

with God's Love,