Saturday, February 21, 2009

Christianville Eye Team

We want to thank Dr. Ryan Price and his wife Teresa from Christianville for sharing their eye team with us at HAF Project. They spent most of the day Saturday, February 21st, with us examining all our children's eyes. This was after seeing hundreds of patients at Christianville, near Port-Au-Prince. What a blessing they have been to us. The team was from the Illinois College of Optometry. Most of these students are working on the Doctor of Optometry degree. They are all certainly welcome to come visit us anytime. Thanks Guys! P.S. Teresa and Ryan took "Tuggit" home. She was one of our new puppies. Their dog had just died of old age. We know they will take good care of her!
Drex, Jo, Larry and Michelle


Me said...

That is SO sweet!!!

Arnold Austin Jr said...

I like the shapes eye chart. Did they do this in English are did the good doctors learn some new vocabulary?

How were the eyes? Anyone in need?

Thanks guys for stopping by and helping us out!

Cat Club Member said...

Hello. I'm not an eye dr. but I was with the Christianville eye team. (I'm in the front row on the left.) I think the eye team knew enough kreole to say look up, look down, etc. They had already seen patients Mon-Thurs at Christianville, and some of them have been to Haiti before.

Also they knew the words for the 3 images on the eye chart. Dr. Ryan and the HAF people also chimed in when needed.

The hard part seemed to be shining the light in the kid's face to see the inside of the eye. They asked the kid to look at the t.v. which was behind the dr. or someone made funny noises and faces to get the kid's attention. It was fun to watch.

Others of us played with the kids while they waitted. We had coloring books, facepaints and balloons.