Friday, February 27, 2009


WOW! Another group from Michigan comes to help us at HAF Project. This group had Jim,Todd, Sharayah and Blair. Todd and Jim are both managers for Steve Fair and had been here before on Steve's group. Sharayah (Todd's daughter) and Blair (her friend) made their first trip to Cyvadier. They all worked hard and played hard with all the kids. The guys finished a project started by Steve's group. They finished cleaning between the little houses and poured a concrete floor for the little kids to have a great place to play and the nannies to wash clothes.The girls helped Michelle and Jo with the food program and arranging the depot for a much needed improvement, plus countless other projects. The entire group was so loving and caring for everyone at HAF! Thanks to all of you for a wonderful week! We all voted and you CAN return anytime! Looking forward to your fast return! P.S. All the kids say "Hi" and hurry back!
Drex, Jo, Larry and Michelle

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That's SO neat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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