Saturday, February 28, 2009

Marie Madeliene Baptized!

What a great day for all of us at HAF Project. Marie Madeliene, one of our nannies, was baptized into Christ today. She is a nanny for the boys house. All the older kids and the other nannies went to the beach to witness this great day. Georgina read a scripture from the creole Bible and Mavensky read from the French Bible. This was such a blessing for us to witness. When Georgina came a couple of years ago she could not count and knew none of the alphabet. To see her stand there today and read was next to a miracle. This is what we are about. Many of the other kids were asking questions about becoming a Christian and being baptized. We pray that all of them grow up knowing Christ and His love. Thanks to all of you who make this possible.
Your Friends In Haiti
Drex, Jo, Larry and Michelle


Leslie said...

That is so exciting!! What great news!

Me said...

That's exciting!!!!!!!!!!!

Arnold Austin Jr said...

I hope the questions and interest lead to a string of decisions and baptisms. Thank God for this decision made by Marie Madeliene.