Thursday, July 9, 2009

Georgia Group 7-9-2009

Jo and I just got back in time for the Georgia group's visit to HAF Project. What a great group. Holly (group leader), Meredith, Caren, Erin and Troy made up the group. They painted, cleaned the kitchen and dining area, worked with the food program, rearranged the clothing and food depots, played and loved on the kids, helped celebrate the July birthdays and much, much more. They are certainly welcome back any time! Thanks for your hard work!!
Larry, Drex and Jo


Arnold Austin Jr said...

You know my family has a heart for Haiti and the H&FP. What you may not know is my 18 year old daughter has the biggest of all of us.

She would love to come spend a whole summer with you guys.

Drex Stuart said...

That would be awesome!! Tell her we need big hearted people!!
DRex and Jo