Saturday, July 18, 2009


Well, we thought this Iowa group was going to break the cycle of digging in our spetic systems. But, it didn't work out that way. This group spent quite some time digging out a clogged 4 inch line behind the big house and front field bed! So the cycle continues. There's another group coming this weekend from Iowa!!!!!Look out and be prepared! This group was brought in by group leader, Steve. It consisted of Diane, Heather, Amy, Annette, Nancie, Curt, and Jon. They were a great group and got so much accomplished. Besides digging in the septic system, they painted, repaired, taught, built beds and loved on the kids! The kids loved them and woke up this morning missing them so much! You guys can come back anytime!! Thanks so much for all your love, help and concern!
Larry, Drex and Jo


Arnold Austin Jr said...

The most unexpected thing to me about missionary life is the over-abundance of goodbyes. Groups come and groups go and that last day is a hard one. At least we that are in Christ know that if we don't meet again on this side, that we will spend eternity together in Gloryland.

Thanks for hosting all the groups that you do. They will forever be changed.

Leslie said...

In some ways I'm glad the kids were sleeping when my group left.. I think I would have cried!!! :)

Miss you guys!

Joe and Heather said...

Thank you so much Drex and Jo for a truely wonderful week. I find myself missing the kids each day, and will always be watching for updates as they grow. Thank you again for your kindness, stories, and magic tricks! This trip will never be forgotten.