Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is Loveda Ashley Pierre-Louis. She is four years old and our newest addition to HAF Project! She was abandoned to the city of Jacmel and given to us yesterday by the Mayor of Jacmel. As most of you know, we are required to take any child from the city and surrounding area when they meet our requirements and we have room. She is an adorable little girl and very well adjusted to her new surroundings. She is living with our Nanny, Edith and little Kirby. She is available for sponsorship if any individual or group would be interested in helping this little girl. Keep watching the blog and web pages for other news about little Loveda and all the other kids! Thanks for checking the blog page and for your prayers and support!
Drex, Jo, Larry and Michelle


Arnold Austin Jr said...

Hi Loveda,

I am Mr. Arnold. I am so glad that God has brought you to this wonderful place to live. You will love it there with the other kids.

Always remember that we are praying for you as you grow up.


zamor100 said...

To the staff of The Hands and Feet Children's Village.

I Greet you in the name of Jesus. I'm very proud of your ministry in Haiti.
I'm a young Educator,I have three little girls in difficulty.So, we are looking for a christian house for them. Please help.
I've just come to live in JAcmel, so I have that mission from my Mom, a native American Lady(70 years old) to find place for the girls.
I can be reached at: zamor100@yahoo.fr / (509) 3724-2026.
I have a degree in Christian Education, maried man with two children, 34 years old.
May God continue blessing your ministry in Haiti.
Please, note my mom will be happy to keep in touch with you.

VETVET said...

Hello Hands & Feet. My heart aches for the children who lost their falilies in the Earthquake. My husband and I are interested in adoption opportunities. Are any of the children available for adoption? If so, please forward adoption information to me at vetvet68@hotmail.com. Thank you and God bless.

Ingrid said...

Hello, my name is Ingrid Spinks and I live in Naperville, Illinois. I just heard about you guys, on CNN and would like to sponsor this child or any child. Please advise. Thank you. uniquerehab@aol.com

wurtland_christerry said...

From chris terry from wurtland middle school:I will pray for everyone over there and all who help out,I hope everyone over there is safe and I'm going to help in the haiti drive to keep kids clean.